Tutorial Install the driver for a generic XBOX 360 wireless receiver on Windows7

It’s a good idea to get a generic xbox360 wireless receiver less then 10 bucks rather to spend 3 times more on an official one, since they just work the same way.
The only difference between a official one and a generic one is how you install the driver.
I’m going to show you how to properly install the driver for a generic wireless receiver on a Windows7 PC.

1.Connect the wireless receiver to one of your PC’s USB port (Do not connect to any USB hub or any USB extension devices,because it may not have enough power to run the receiver).
And you’ll see a popup notice as follow:

2.Wait a sec,it’ll show an error message as below indicate that the driver was not installed. Just ignore it.

3.Go to the Device Manager (Start -> Control Panel -> Device Manager)

4. In the Device Manager,you’ll found a  “Unknow devices”,right click on it,and choose “Update Driver software”

5. Choose “Browse my computer for driver software”

6. Browse the driver file source, usually it’s located in the \USB Driver\ folder of the driver disc,if you don’t have one,click here to download.

7. You’ll received a warning,indicate that the driver is not verified by the publisher,choose “Install this driver software anyway” to continue.

8. Wait a sec,and done! You’re ready to use the wireless receiver now.

If you don’t have a wireless receiver yet,you can get one from our store.

Driver Download link: Click here


Install Driver for Windows7 64Bit

1. Download the 64bit driver here: http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/download/download.aspx?category=gaming
2. Plug in your wireless receiver
3. Go to your Control Panel -> Devices and Printers -> Device Manager -> Unknown Device
4.Double Click the Unknown Device and click the Hardware tab , choose Update Driver
5.Select Browser my computer for driver software
6.Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
7.Scroll down and select “Microsoft Common Controller for Windows” Class and click “Next”
8.Select “Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows” and click on next.
9.Select Yes for any warning message
10. Done.


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  1. Callan Christensen

    This tutorial does NOT work for windows 7 64bit. It says “The system cannot find the file specified” after I do your exact steps. It would be great if you could post a working Windows 7 64 bit driver, otherwise it is $10 wasted.

    • Try this,and let me know if it helps you. If it can help you,I’ll post it to my blog,so other buyer can benifit from this.
      Right click on Computer
      Go to Properties
      Click on Device Manager
      Right click on the Unidentified Device
      Go to Properties
      Go to the Drive tab
      Click on Update Driver…
      Browse my computer for driver software
      Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
      Windows Common Controller for Window Class
      Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows Version: [8/13/2009]
      Update Driver Warning
      Click Yes

    • My very generic receiver came with a driver disk and this tutorial worked great. Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit.

    • these instructions do work but you need to install the driver before following the 64 bit instructions,i had the same problem

      • It didn’t work for me either i have installed xbox 360 accessories software and also tried the instructions it didn’t work.

        • Guys, go here and download your version:

          Follow his steps except when prompted to select a driver you should have three different options (or more). Select the one that has ‘receiver’ in it NOT the one dated for 2006 NOR the one for the plug and play kit. For many people such as myself using older versions of win vista/7 you do not have the proper driver stock and need to download it. Google ‘Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows’ if the link doesn’t show up. You may have to click on an admin button that says ‘change settings’ as the ‘update driver’ will be grayed out until you click that button. No idea why.

  2. Ya same for me, it doesn’t work on 64 bit.

  3. It Worked !

    Just tried it again, it worked now. The receiver is installed. I`m going to buy some batteries to check if theres any problem with the controller response.

    I was making a mistake at:
    “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
    Windows Common Controller for Window Class
    Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows Version: [8/13/2009]”

    I missing the option to “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”, once I clicked on it it showed the available drivers.

    I also downloaded and installed the latest Xbox 360 x64 drivers from MS support site prior doing this.

  4. Its not working for me. Hopefully someone answers me. I installed the software from the cd it came with, i also installed the drives from the link found in this page. They just don’t want to sync. Im running windows xp service pack 3. Please help.

  5. boa cara eu tava com problema para insta-lo no w7 mais esse tutoria me ajudou muito so que eu tinha o cd do driver entao ao inves de colocar h:/usb driver eu coloquei (D:) e instalou
    valeu mesmo

  6. Purchased one of these from eBay, Installed the win 7 x64 drivers fine but The reciever light is constantly on and never flashes when trying to sync with the controller. Tried on a xp machine with original drivers and the same problem. Is it faulty or does anyone else have any ideas?

  7. Ok so i have one of these “generic” receivers and it worked fine on my old white 360 controller. But now that i have a new black controller from 2011 it will not sync up at all i have read tons of forums and tried every option possible. Any help would be appriciated

  8. Hi, same ansdwer this does not work for 64 bit anyone who has got this to work or know a work around !

  9. Man oh man thank you for this. Helped me out greatly! Also, I am using 64 bit and didn’t have issues. I think they are referring to the driver that you have linked is for x86, not x64. However, if you have the disk that was included you shouldn’t have any further issues.

  10. It’s so great. I’ve tried many ways to solve it and you’ve done me a great favour. Thank you anyway…

  11. Hey, it worked great. THANKS! But how do I use the controller now haha?

  12. Problem solved followed steps in comments worked wonders 😀

  13. This isnt working for me either. I bought a receiver but it refuses to connect. Have followed all steps noted. One thing which is strange however is that when intry to add the driver through device manager, after choosing ‘Windows Common Controller for Window Class’, i dont get the ‘Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows Version:’. I just get one generic ‘Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows’ driver inspite of installing the win64 win7 driver from microsoft. The generic option also doesnt seem to work, with the controller not getting recognised. This is very frustrating!!

  14. Hey! The correct driver version (2009 wasn’t showing up, and after a quick search think I have found the proper version:


    But I have no idea what to do with it once downloaded. How do I get to show up in the list of possible drivers, right now only 2006 and 2007, plus a generic Wireless Receiver are showing up. Thanks!

  15. guys i Dont even get the option to select Windows Common Controller for Window Class. i mean i got to the part where you can look for the option but its not there. what do i install to get that option

  16. Thanks man. All works.

  17. Hi, i bought one of these generic recievers, and your tutorial for the Win7 32bit worked for me….now i just have an issue, I’m using an original xbox 360 black wireless controller, but it only sync with the reciever when it´s about on a 4 inches range, if i move it a little more away it disconnects from the reciever…the control works fine with the console…may it be a compatibility issue with my control model or is just that the reciever is not working properly??

  18. I


  20. Hey,

    I was having same issues as the rest of you on 64 bit and stupidly binned by driver disk.

    Found a link with google search though, has 64 bit and 32 bit drivers, passed avg and malwarebytes scan as well and seems to work perfectly for me now.

    Have linked below;


    Hope this helps!

  21. The windows 7 x64 guide to installing my generic wireless receiver worked perfectly. Thanks Admin 😉

  22. 😆 😆 Angelus thanks for the link now it works on win 7 64

  23. THANK YOU :mrgreen:
    You have no idea how long I have been messing with this damn thing 👿 . I was just about to burn the little ticker until I found this site. If I missed it before THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  24. Awesome, in one go

  25. 👿 not working for windows 7 =/ 👿

  26. 👿 not working for windows 7 =/ 👿

  27. 👿 not working for windows 7 64bits 👿

    • FIRST INSTALL THIS DRIVER: http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-us/d/xbox-360-wireless-controller-for-windows





      • yeah dude i did that and it worked but when i tried to play some minecraft the controller lost signal and i cant un update the driver to do the steps over

      • Legend thank you, had to uninstall from device manager first and your steps worked a treat. “Wireless Receiver” one worked for me – Win7 64bit

  28. And on Windows 8?

  29. type in google: fake-microsoft-xbox-360-wireless-controller-adapter-in-windows-7-64-bit worked for me

  30. btw , last step i choosed wireless xbox adapter instead of XBOX 360 CONTROLLER FOR WINDOWS VERSION:6.1.7600.16385[21/06/2006] and works for me

  31. hi guys, i ve just installed Microsoft driver for windows 7 64 bit cause the cd that i had found with the reciver (which’s not a original one) didn’t work( it didn’t open wizard installation). So i installed the driver on it, but now when i press the button on it and on my official xbox 360 controller it doesn’t work. Can you help me please? I dunno how to remove drivers! And it doesn’t work!

  32. ok the steps worked for me but as soon as i tried to play a game the controller lost the signal and now it wont latch on again and i cant do these steps again to re update my reciver. no matter how many times ive tried to connect them it just wont happen a 2nd time…wtf? plz and ty

  33. Worked on my 64 bit win 7… sometimes it will not auto install the driver if you remove it and plug it back in. Also as a note once you select “microsoft common game controller” a lot of times you will get a sub selection. Make sure you select the xbox 360 wireless RECEIVER and not controller or you will have installed the wrong driver. You should not need to download any drivers unless your device won’t work with those built in common controllers (i did download a different version of the same drivers at some point)

  34. I cant even see ‘MICROSOFT COMMON CONTROLLER FOR WINDOWS CLASS’ in the list of drivers!!!! please help?

  35. 😎 😀 I got an original disk for my xbox receiver I just install it then use my xbox controller without all problems listed above

  36. i did everything its installed but my controller keeps spinning tryd everything didnt even seen tzhe Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows Version: just wireless controller windows 64 bit

  37. The driver ending 13/08/2009 worked for me

  38. TERRIBLE!!!

  39. Any solution for the spinning camera issue?

  40. Amigo nao funcionou. Onde eu coloco o USB driver que baixei, pois n meu nao aparece nada.

  41. thx mate 😀

  42. I’ve done all the steps for the Windows 7 64-bit driver over and over again. I get the thing to install correctly, but the receiver WILL NOT sync. Any thoughts?

  43. I figured out what it is. You have to manually click on the exact file for the update. If you just click on the folder it will NOT work. Hope this helps people

  44. 😛

    Thanks a lot! It worked perfectly on my Win 7 64 Bit with some generic X360 Receiver.

    @ Everyone else with 64 bit – follow the instructions exactly!

    greetings from Austria

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  46. the website you linked us to doesnt have a download for the driver needed for 64 bit

  47. Thanks it helped alot

  48. Hello,
    I tried using this on my laptop (windows vista 32-bit)
    I downloaded the drivers (rar. extention file) from the link of the tutorial, when I followed the steps windows said it couldn’t find any driver software.
    Have you got any ideas?

  49. Hey!

    So the 64bit download located here: http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-us/d/xbox-360-wireless-controller-for-windows

    is just an exe file that brings up a “Microsoft Xbox360 Status” window. I see no driver to select using the above steps. What am I doing wrong?

  50. 100% not working tried everything possible tried every theory fake microsoft wireless reciever not working on windows 7 64bit anyone who bought one of these get your money back asap.

  51. my pad didnt come with the 360 receiver

  52. Funciona eres el amo llevo semanas buscando un sitio donde lo explicaran bien, GRACIAS 😀

  53. The appendix for the 64 bit version worked perfectly. Saved me from sending it back to Amazon.

    One thing I would add: When you are searching the drop down for “Microsoft Common Controller for Windows” make sure your controller is off or it will show up as xbox 360 controller. Thanks again!

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  58. It works on a win 7 64 where no other method has worked! 😀 Thanks!

  59. I tried it and it worx, thanks a lot admin, I’v been struggling with this for a bloody long time…. :mrgreen:

  60. Thank You Thank You Thank you! apparently got a dud disc with my receiver.
    Heads up, for windows 10, you follow the windows 7 instructions and choose ‘Xbox 360 peripherals’ instead of common controller and bam! there’s the xbox wireless receiver!

  61. XBOX controllers | gr33nonline - pingback on August 23, 2015 at 3:29 pm

  63. I have installed the driver but cant get the controller to sync up. How can I solve this?

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  65. This is a great tutorial!!! It worked on windows 10 64 bit perfectly!



  66. i accidentally clicked “Xbox controller” instead of “xbox wireless receiver”. so now my pc thinks the receiver is a controller. but when i remove the device or uninstall the driver and try to reinstall is, the only option im given is the xbox controller itself, not the receiver or any other options that previously to the installation of the wrong driver were shown, so i cant do anything. any suggestions?

  67. Hey! Disculpadme si no escribo en inglés.. El archivo que pones para descargar esta dañado, bueno eso me dice el 7zip..
    Mi so es sin 7 de 32 bits y tengo el problema que después de todo el proceso anterior descrito, el control solo se queda parpadeando las 4 luces verdes al encenderlo mi receptor se llama X360, si alguien tiene el controlador para este modelo por favor subalo. Se que funciona porque a un amigo con el mismo so que yo, si le funcionó y logro jugar sin problemas

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    i just love your tut! thanks mAN

  69. Will this work for windows 10 64bit?

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