TK-102 GPS Tracker Tutorial

TK-102 is a mini GPS Tracker that constantly report its geographical coordinates via SMS or GPRS network to your nominated device.

This tutorial will cover the following contents:

  • Application
  • Interface
  • Preparation
  • Quick Setup
  • Advance settings


*Important notice: Electromagnetic shielding mechanism is one of the major factor that influence GPS signal, things like metal and concrete can easily result in block or weaken signals. Thus this GPS tracker might not function properly indoor, places such as car cargo, large office building,subway station and etc.

TK-102 GPS Tracker is widely used in following instance

1. Mobile Car auto – Tracking (Anti-theft,Logistic tracking and etc.)
2. Person Tracking (Camping,Hiking and etc.)
3. Any other possible purpose you name it


1.Power: Turn on/off the GPS Tracker
2.SOS Button: Send emergency SMS to preset number
3.Indicator LED
4.Power/Data Jack: To charge the GPS Tracker or communicate with computer

A standard SIM Slot to fit your SIM card in


Before using this GPS Tracker you’ll need:

1. A valid SIM Card
Send a test SMS to a mobile phone before you put it into the tracker, make sure you mark down the number, you’ll need it after installation

2. Google Earth (Optional)
Google Earth is a good software that helps you to locate the tracker.
You can find a copy enclose in the disc come with the tracker,we still recommend to get the latest version from Google , click here to download.
However,if you just want to know where the tracker is,you can visit instead.

3. Fully charge the battery

Quick Setup

1. Installation
Put your SIM card into the SIM card tray,install the battery,close the back cover. Place it to your desired target(Again,make sure the GPS signal will not be block by any metal or concrete) and turn it on by holding the on/off button for 3sec.

2. Initialization
Each GPS Tracker need to be initialized before use,especially if you purchase it from oversea .
To Initialize you need to send “begin123456″ as a text message to the tracker (Remeber the number we mark down?),you’ll then received a response message from the GPS Tracker as “begin OK”,this mean you have succesfully initialized the GPS Tracker. (In some cases you might expereience a longer response time to receive the message due to weak signal).

3. Begin to use
If you only want the coordinate of the tracker,just make a call to it,the GPS tracker will automatically  hangup and send you a message reporting it’s coordinate.
Note: The tracker must set to its ”Tracking mode” (It’s the default setting) to report it’s geographic coordiante. Send a message command “tracker123456″ will set the mode into “Tracking mode”.
The geographic report will containt its longitude and latitude coordinate as follow:

The first number is the longitude and second number is the latitude.
Let’s see an example, if you have coordinate 40.705563,-74.008884 from the GPS Tracker.
Then you simple put it into or google earth, you’ll find out the tracker is at somewhere near the wall street,new york.

Advanced Settings

The Quick setup will show you the basic function of the GPS tracker,and this will cover most important function.
*Important note: Some user not sure about the “+” simble in the user manual,so let’s  clarify this here, for example the command is “begin+123456″ it stand for ”begin123456″ there is no space or “+” in between.

1.Password reset
The password is important,because every command you sent to the tracker need to follow with the password. The default password is “123456″ , and you may want to change it once you ready to use, to change the password send a message include “password+old password new password” to the tracker. For example “password123456 567890″  will change your password from “123456″ into “567890″. Note: password must be 6 digits long.

You can authorize 5 different number on the allow list,so they can command the tracker.
There is two way to authorize,one is calling the tracker for 10 times with the same number,then this number will automatically became one authorized number.
The most convenient way,send a message in the format of “admin+password cell phone number” to the tracker.
Example: Send “admin123456 1234567″ will authorize 1234567 on the allow list.

To remove a number from the allow list then send sms in the format of ”noadmin+password cell phone number”.
Example: Send “noadmin123456 1234567″ will exclude the number 1234567 from the allow list.

If you’re calling the tracker outside your own region(or country) then make sure to place the area code or country in front of the number.
Example: If your tracker is in the United States,and you’re calling the tracker from United Kingdom,then you’ll need to authorize your number as “00441234567″ as the “0044″ is the country code of United Kingdom.

3. Auto Tracking
This GPS have the auto tracking function. The command syntax as follow:
“t+time interval+time unit+repeat time+n+password”
This syntax seems a little bit confusing,so let me give few example for you.
*Note: In time unit,”s” stand for second,”m” stand for minute and “h” stand for Hours.
Send auto report every 30 seconds,and repeat five times,the command is:
In this example,where 030 is the interval of 30 seconds,the 005 means repeat 5 time,123456 is the password. Time interval and repeat time must be in 3 digits length.

If you want to set the auto tracking to report every 1 hours and repeat 24 times. Then send SMS as “t001h024n123456″.

To cancel auto tracking,send “notn+password”.

4.Voice Surveillance
You can set the tracker into monitor mode,when you call the tracker,the tracker will answer your phone and transfer the voice around the tracker back to you.
To set the tracker into voice surveillance mode (monitor mode),send command:
“monitor+password” , make sure to set it back to tracker mode once you want it to report geographic info, to set it back to tracker mode send command “tracker+password”.

Geo-fence will help you to restrict the target within a certain preset area. When the target breach the restrict area,you’ll get a message report.
Note: You need to let the tracker stay still for 10 minutes before you send the command to it.
The command is “stockade+password latitude1,longitude1;latitude2,longitude2″
The following picture will show you how it works,the restricted area is defined by the two coordinate you set.

To cancel the Geo-fence,send command “nostockade+password”.

6. Movement alert
When movement alert is enable,once a movement of the target is detected ( a movement of 200 meter by default),the tracker will send a report to you,and the movement aleart will be disable automatically.
To set a movement alert,send command “move+password” , to deactivate the alert,send command “nomove+password”.

7. Overspeed alert
This is a very useful function to monitor if the target is overspeed.
To set the overspeed alert,send command “speed+password speed”.
Example: If you need to set the speed limit to 80km/s then send command
“speed123456 080″, the speed must be in 3 digits length,and the speed unit is km/s.
Note: This is a one time alert,the alert will be deactivate once a speed breach is detected.

To cancel the alert,send command “nospeed+password”

8. IMEI number
IMEI stand for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”,it’s a unique number given to the GPS tracker,you can acquire this number by sending the command “imei+password”.

9. SOS
You may already notice there is a SOS button at this tracker. Press the SOS for 3 seconds,it’ll send a SOS message with coordinate to all authorized number every 3 mintues,until a SMS “help me!” is replied to the tracker.

10. Low battery alert
This is an automatically function,the GPS tracker will constantly send you a low battery alert every 30 minutes once the voltage dropped to 3.4v.

11. Changing the system time zone
Command “time zone+password time zone”
Note: time zone is define by UTC time. Click here to find your time zone UTC.
Smaple: Send command “time zone123456 -5″ to change the system into New york time.

12. GPRS settings (Online Tracking)
Tracking using GPRS required advance programming , so it’s not covered here.

13. Accessory (optional)
A car charging cable is a optional accessory that can connect the GPS tracker to your car power,so you don’t worry about the battery life anymore. If  you find it useful,you may get one from our store.

14. Vehicle GPS Tracker (TK103-2) Check here.

15. Advanced Model (TK102-2 also know as TK102B) Check here.

New Feature on TK102-2
1. Build-in TF Card Slot (Record your GPS Data)
2. Vibration Alert

Where to buy?

If you don’t have one yet,get one from our store now,a fully test is carried out to ensure a 100% working condition before shipping,and you’ll also have our 60-days money-back guarantee,why wait?

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iPhone App

We’re happy to introduce you the iPhone App for this GPS Tracker,this app is developed by a company called Starburst Sotware.
For more information please visit:

GPS Tracker Control (TK102,TK103,TK104,TK105,TK106)

Android App

Austral System also bring us the Android App for the device, for more information, please visit

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  1. hello i buy one of this gps 102 tracker but when the device sms me back it didnt show the LAT and LONG number please help

    • Hi Tim,
      You’ll need to initialize the tracker before you use it,send a message “begin123456” to initialize. Also don’t forget to test the tracker in a open space, when the GPS signal is week,the tracker won’t be able to report it’s coordinate properly.

      • hello i buy one of this gps 102 tracker but when the device sms me back it didnt show the LAT and LONG number please help
        It is ok med begin123456

        • test it in a open space. Don’t test it indoor.

          • Hello admin.
            I have the same problem
            The device sends me a message with an empty lat and long
            Btw I send the msg “begin123456” and I had received the msg “begin ok”
            And aim using the device in an open area with good signal
            What should I do .??

          • helo,
            i have a site web (system tracker online)fot this tracker.

          • hello Admin,
            after send the msg begin123456, i received msg said failed.
            how to rectify it? thank you.
            in msg, bat:F signal:F
            and the Imei number

          • I had tested it in open space
            But problem is help .not give me longitude

      • how do you send a msg to the tracker ?

  2. Can this mini gps report real time locations, for example a car going down the road? or do you need to call it each time you want to find out where something is?

    • Yes,it can. Just like I said in the tutorial, to carry out this function,you’ll need to use the GPRS feature which require advanced programing skills. As I known some guys has already developed a web-base platform for this purpose,but you’ll need to pay for the service.

    • just send the gps a message (fix060s***n123456) and it will automatically report its location via SMS once every 60 seconds.

  3. I have done everything in the set up, and texted the device to initialize. But I am not getting a text back saying “beginok”…or anything for that matter. Help! 😥

    • Just make a call to the tracker,it’ll hangup your call and send back a text with geo-info.

      • How do you call the tracker? How do you find out the number?

        • The numbers on the SIM card, the phone number associated with that SIM card, put it in your contacts list or just write it down the send a txt msg “begin123456” to that number.

      • I tried a new SIM card .
        I had SIM card come with the TK102 and that failed as soon as changed password, bought a new SIM card put money on it and started again, it works fine now,
        I suspect the SIM card maybe at fault.
        But a reputable one Like etc.

      • Because like me you have a fake. go to and type in your imei number in your device they will tell you if it is fake or good

    • make sure your sim card is in the correct way. I had the same problem then noticed the sim was in wrong.

  4. Amigo, tenho um rastreador tk-102 e quando ligo para ele recebo as coordenadas de latitude,longitude etc e mais o link
    Como faço para colocar o link do google maps e tirar este ?

    • send a “smstext123456” to the tracker to switch it back to normal report format to see if it’ll solve the problem. Please note the “123456” means the password you set.

      • Caso tenha interesse em software de monitoramento gratuito/free para o seu aparelho utilize o loclator web basta fazer o cadastro gratuito.

        após inicializar o processo de cadastro no site , a configuração ideal para o seu aparelho é esta:

        SMS 1 – Inicializar:

        SMS 2 – Modo Rastreamento:

        SMS 3 – APN Operadora Vivo:

        SMS 4 – Usuario GPRS opradora vivo:
        up123456 vivo vivo

        SMS 5 – Configurando Servidor Loclator:
        adminip123456 7778

        SMS 6 – Tipo de envio:

        SMS 7 – Intervalo de tempo do rastreamento:

  5. Hi
    I’d like to receive position updates from the TK102 on my Java mobile phone. Is there a moble phone app that can do this?


  6. Hi,
    How can I power off the device ?
    It automatically turns on when the battery is inserted but I’m unable to power off the device when hitting the power on/off button (the small led keeps flashing every 4 seconds).
    Thanks. Patrick

    • 1. Pls check whether the sim card is inserted, if there is no sim card,the device will not be able to turn off. It’s a wired problem.
      2. To turn off the power,you’ll need to hold it for around 3 – 5 second.

      • Hi,
        Thanks for the previous answer, the problem was caused to a bad contact with the SIM card (not well inserted ?).
        I was able to make some progress and I’m able to use the device and it always answers as expected to the SMS I send. In track mode, I can for instance use auto-track with sms string t030s002n123456 and get 2 times the Geo-Info at a 30 sec interval. Also the SOS button works as expected. But it appears that there is a problem when giving a phone call to the device. I hear a single ring, it then hangs up but I then do not receive a SMS with the Geo-Info. The same kind of problem occurs in monitor mode. I’m able to switch the device to monitor mode and get the expected “monitor ok!” SMS but when I give it a phone call, I hear a single ring, it then hangs up but that’s all … I unable to hear any sound. So, to summarize, what is related to SMS works fine, but it seems that it doesn’t “accept” phone calls.
        Thanks. Patrick

        • i have the same prop if i try set a authorised number ie admin123456 073XXXXXXXXX. i get no geo info then if a authorised number is set, so what i do i dont set any number. i pull the battery and reset the device with the command begin123456, then if you phone the device it works with a geo info, but dont try setting a admin number then it stops working , maybe it needs a county code in front of the cell number or suming i dont know but i dont try setting any admins at all

      • My SIM appears properly inserted, and works properly, but I still cannot turn it off. If I cannot tunr it off between uses, it is not useful to me. How do I turn it off?

  7. Leandro Pontes

    Estou configurando o TK102 para um IP e Porta. Mais nao está chegando. Qual a configuração avançada para GPRS ???

    • You may try to use some paid-service platform,as I known some guys has already developed the online platform for instant tracking.

  8. I have an tk-106 but I send begin+password, first of all should I put this sign “+” between the two words?
    and I sent in both ways but the gps tracker does not do anything …. If I call it, It does not answer, the call is send to voice mail

    please help me!!

    • The correct command will be “begin123456”, don’t include the “+” into the command.
      For your problem,first to make sure if the sim card is well contacted, secondly, disable the voice mail and try it again.

  9. i suppose done wrong manipulation with GPRS setting “up12345 user password” insteed “up123456 user 123456”. all next commands are faild. Could i restart the device ?

    • I’m not sure whether you’re using a tk-102,if you still remember the system password,you can just simply reset the command.

  10. system password it’s the password 123456? I don’t change the passeword

  11. Hi,

    I have sent the unit (TK102) sms to defined the time zone exactlly as requested and I get time faild. Does anyone know what to do?


    • The correct command for time zone is like: “time zone123456 8” , there is no “+” in between. Did you sent the message this way?


    • Try to initalize to device again,send “begin123456”

    • Enable SMS link mode
To change the default SMS text coordinates to a link that opens the GPS coordinates on Google Map, send the following command

  13. Hi, can you help me, i change password on gps tracker,and i forgot it, beacuse i didnt use him for long time. How can I reset settings on this tk102, is there any software or firware, where I can download that, and how to instal that software….thnks for help

  14. Hi all,please i need some help with my tk102,I installed the sim card and called the unit after following the set up manual regarding the pass word and authorization, but every time i call the unit to get the position idon’t get any respond ?

    • According to my expereince,it mostly caused by a poor gps signal or it’s because you didn’t initialize the unit before using it. Try to test it in open space and initialize the unit before using.

  15. hi i have put the simms in it i sent begin123456 and the first time it sent me its location if i ring it it hangs up then sends me a text but it will not respont to any text messages iv e done every this but wont work any idears thank mark

  16. Hi everybody. I have initialized my tk102 by sending: “begin123456”
    This worked fine. Then i tried to authorize a number by sending: “admin123456 (and the number)” but then I get “admin fail”. I found out that I was supposed to ring the unit 10 times to authorize the first number before sending an sms to authorize other numbers. Then i did that but even after ringin the unit 10 times I still can’t authorize any numbers – everything I try i get the message: “admin fail” the only thing I am able to is changing the password. What is wrong?

    • Just try to make a call to the tracker to see if it’ll response a message to you. If it’ll,then you don’t need to set up the admin number.

      • I have tried to call the tracker and it does send me a message, but if I want to set it to “move” alert or “geofence” alert it replies “move fail” and “stockade fail”? As I understand it, the unit keeps sending messages back until my phone is authorized? well I still receives the messages – that must mean that my phone is not authorized yet, and I can’t give the tracker any commands before I am authorized right? so here is my problem: I can’t get my phone authorized so I can use “geofence” and “move” commands. What do you think is wrong/have I done wrong?

        • Can you get the coordinate back when you call the tracker? If so,your number should have authorized. Also,you can try “pasword123456 new password” to see if your password is correct.

          • Yes I get the coordinates back when I call the tracker and the unit has confirmed that I’m using the right password. But I still can’t use the geofence or move function??

          • Then this should be the problem of the tracker itself. I saw there is some firmware update for the tracker,you may want to give it a shot.

          • I have the same problem, with TK 102-2, first day it was good, but second day. It dosnt work – “move fail” I had too problem with move alarm it sent SMS even the GPS was dont move!

          • Now I send order: pasword… as admin say above ad move is now ok, but still i have problem with tolerance, my car has speed 2,7km/h when its parking long time.

          • That’s normal, for security reason, great error are made in purpose for civilian GPS, anyway, the faster the tracker moves,the more accurate result you’ll get.

    • Are you putting a space between password and your phone number.
      Eg. admin123456 xxxxxxxxxx
      Replace 123456 with your password and replace x with your phone number. Note the space in example.

  17. Can I charge the device from a PC USB socket using the cable supplied and if so how can I tell it is charging. When the unit replies with position, battery state and signal, the state is F. What does this mean and what are the other possible states. Do you have an advanced user guide?

    • No,you can’t use the USB to charge the tracker. About the F i’m not sure what it means,suppose you’re using the TK102-2. Just check the user manual,I think there is a explaination there. And you’re welcome to share it with other user here.

    • The F means full
      L means Low
      Signal may be “L” Wich = Low or “F” Wich = Full. Same for battery state.

  18. Olá,
    Tenho um tk 102, e F significa sinal completo (FULL)do GPS (VIA SATÉLITE).
    Alguem saberia me dizer como corrigir as coordenadas recebidas pelo tracker, pois não corresponde com as do google.maps. Tem um erro de 100 a 500 metros.

    • A 100 to 500 meter error is normal when the tracker is still (these error is made in purpose for national security , when the tracker start moving,the coordinate will become more and more accurate. So no worry.

      • Caso tenha interesse em software de monitoramento gratuito/free para o seu aparelho utilize o l oclator web basta fazer o cadastro gratuito.

        após inicializar o processo de cadastro no site , a configuração ideal para o seu aparelho é esta:

        SMS 1 – Inicializar:

        SMS 2 – Modo Rastreamento:

        SMS 3 – APN Operadora Vivo:

        SMS 4 – Usuario GPRS opradora vivo:
        up123456 vivo vivo

        SMS 5 – Configurando Servidor Loclator:
        adminip123456 7778

        SMS 6 – Tipo de envio:

        SMS 7 – Intervalo de tempo do rastreamento:

  19. Ola,
    Eu comprei um GPS que já foi inicializado e usado por outra pessoa, só que agora envio begin123456 e nada acontece. Já verifiquei o chip e está ok. desabilitei o pin e a caixa postal, mas não resolveu. Como posso reinicializar ou zerar novamente?

    • Did you authorize the tracker with your cell phone first? Send “admin password cellphone#” to authorize you cell phone first.

    • Caso tenha interesse em software de monitoramento gratuito/free para o seu aparelho utilize o loclator web basta fazer o cadastro gratuito.

      após inicializar o processo de cadastro no site , a configuração ideal para o seu aparelho é esta:

      SMS 1 – Inicializar:

      SMS 2 – Modo Rastreamento:

      SMS 3 – APN Operadora Vivo:

      SMS 4 – Usuario GPRS opradora vivo:
      up123456 vivo vivo

      SMS 5 – Configurando Servidor Loclator:
      adminip123456 7778

      SMS 6 – Tipo de envio:

      SMS 7 – Intervalo de tempo do rastreamento:

    • manda um SMS “admin+password+13142324″ para fazer o reset de fabrica. espero que ajude.
      exemplo admin12345613142324

  20. ❓ just received this product would like to know if it powers on automactically when power is sent to it.

    for instance if the battery has gone flat. then the car it is wired into is switched on will the device switch on automatically??

    also what is the differnce between this and the tk106?

    i beleive the 106 lets you switch the car off remotely? wish i knew about that earlier.

    and what is the expected standby time.
    regards. paul potter

    • Hi, yes the power will be on automatically when the battery is installed (seems to be a bug). And I never heard of a TK106 so can’t tell you the difference of it. If you need to power the tracker via your car battery,you can get a hard wire for it.

  21. also is there software i can download for free?
    i have the iphone app.
    it looks like it doesn’t use sms credit to use the tracking software…. is this correct?

    • Em…I don’t know any software free so far,if you have any,please let me know,I’ll put it into the blog. Also, I think the iPhone app will use your sms credit.

  22. Where can i buy the USB cable for the tk103?

  23. I allready configure the first admin cel number but when i try anothere cel number To configure all the time the response is Admin fail

    • You’ll need to authorize the new number as well.

      • I can configure the other cel but when i use the SOS it doesn’t send the alert to that number

        • 1. The system will not response your message if the GPS signal is too weak or power is low. This should be one defects of it’s design,that I met for many times.
          2. You may try to upgrade the firmware if this is a very important function for you.

  24. Do you have to have a SIM card for the unit to work?

  25. Hi Admin

    i want change format from coordinate to link google

    e.g :

    my sms :

    lat:29.707201 long:055.669952

    i want link format


    thanx adin

  26. my tk102 i put the sim card in then he battery and it starts blinking when i txt it it does not respond and when i call it i get the voice mail please help

    • 1. Check whether the SIM card is inserted properly.
      2. Test it in a open space, do not test indoor.

    • try manually dialing the number. first i put it in the directory and just put shortcut in my android phone home page and directly call it from there sometimes it goes directly to voice mail but if i directly dial it in the dial-er it will contact every time.

  27. Olá, tenho um tk102 que envia o sms sem o link logo em seguida, como faço para ativar o link utilizando o google maps

    • Try command “smslink123456” to switch the report format.

      • Caso tenha interesse em software de monitoramento gratuito/free para o seu aparelho utilize o loclator web basta fazer o cadastro gratuito.

        após inicializar o processo de cadastro no site , a configuração ideal para o seu aparelho é esta:

        SMS 1 – Inicializar:

        SMS 2 – Modo Rastreamento:

        SMS 3 – APN Operadora Vivo:

        SMS 4 – Usuario GPRS opradora vivo:
        up123456 vivo vivo

        SMS 5 – Configurando Servidor Loclator:
        adminip123456 7778

        SMS 6 – Tipo de envio:

        SMS 7 – Intervalo de tempo do rastreamento:

  28. Olá, tenho um GPS tracker 102. Quando ligo para o GPS, recebo sms com o seguinte:

    Se tento acessar o link, abre uma frase em japonês/chinês

    enviei smstext123456 e recebi sms ok, mas continuo recebendo no formato acima. Tb enviei smslink123456 e recebi sms ok, mas o formato continua o mesmo.

    Sabe como fazer para o link acessar o googlemaps? Ou pelo menos para eu receber as coordenadas de latitude e longitude?

    Obrigada amigo.

    • Use “smstext123456” to switch back to the standard mode.

    • Caso tenha interesse em software de monitoramento gratuito/free para o seu aparelho utilize o loclator web basta fazer o cadastro gratuito.

      após inicializar o processo de cadastro no site , a configuração ideal para o seu aparelho é esta:

      SMS 1 – Inicializar:

      SMS 2 – Modo Rastreamento:

      SMS 3 – APN Operadora Vivo:

      SMS 4 – Usuario GPRS opradora vivo:
      up123456 vivo vivo

      SMS 5 – Configurando Servidor Loclator:
      adminip123456 7778

      SMS 6 – Tipo de envio:

      SMS 7 – Intervalo de tempo do rastreamento:

  29. 😀 thanks

  30. iworks for me

  31. Hi I´m unable to switch back from smslink. There is no response for “smstext+passw”. (T102)

    • The format is like “smstext123456” there is no + in between,try it.

      • Of course, I have been using “smstextpassword” without “+” and there is no confirmation and no change from SMSlink. 😥

        • that’s weird. All other command work well? If so,please contact the seller for the support.

          • Y, just SMStext… doesn´t work. I solve it (if I need SMSformat) by “begin+pasw”, that works excellent. Ahoy

  32. i send messege begin123456 no respond

    • 1. Make sure the SIM is inserted firmly.
      2. Test it outdoor in a open space
      3. Make sure the SIM can send sms

  33. I followed your instructions and recieved a text as follows: 53.615835 and it shows im in the middle of the sea, not even close to UK where I live lol? what have i done wrong?

  34. I forgot to enter my country code when i set up the tracker, could this be the cause? and if so how do i resolve it?

  35. I’m using a 102 model and all comands work very well except for “monitor”. I can’t make tracker enter monitor mode. I sen d a SMS with monitor123456 to it and I don’t receive any message back. When I send tracker123456 the answer is correct (tracker ok). I don’t receive monitor ok SMS. Wht is wrong. I took care to use the correct command to get voice surveillance but it never works.

    • It could be a hardware failure in this situation. Try to do a firmware update to see if it’ll slove your problem.

  36. When i send a message “t030s005n123456” for auto tracking , its not working.. Each time i need to call the unit to get the geo info…
    Is any body having any idea?? please help me out

  37. Paulo Simões

    A continuos charging by the vehicle battery, using the carcharging cable accessory, doe´s not causes a device battery damage?

    • Yes,but as long as your tracker is connected with the car battery,you don’t worry the performance of the battery any more.

  38. 🙁 I purchased the TK102 tracker, purchased a samsung T105G and set up the cell phone. I was able to send and receive text messages with the cell phone. I installed the SIM from the cell phone into the TK102. When I call the TK102 it will not answer. It powers on OK with a solid on indicator and after a minute or two it will start blinking but will not answer a call. I remove the SIM from the TK102 and put it back in the cell phone and then I receive all the messages that I sent to the TK102. What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance.

    • It seems your SIM card are not inserted to the TK102 firmly,try to secure the SIM card there. Also, initialize the tracker for the first time by sending sms “begin123456”.

  39. hey i am trying to setup sinces yesterday upon receving the tracker i try the begin123456 thing and i keep getting a message stating the exact begin123456 i really need some help as well the for the registering what is the vip no and the plate no
    help please!!!!!!

    • use “admin123456 cellphonenumber” to authorize a number

      • I sent the command:

        admin123456 4155551234

        …to the unit and now I can’t reach it …

        It did not include the +1 country code and I think that is the problem.

        How do I reset the device back to factory settings?

  40. Paulo Simões

    Dear Admin: How I cancell de “help me” SMS that device sends to me at each 3 minutes?? Helpe me!

  41. bought TK102 used, went to the whole procedure: begin… – begin ok
    reset the password to 123456 – pw ok,
    admin… – admin ok
    got coordinates properly.
    But then I tried to change password and time-zone.
    TK102 always gave the message: You arn’t authorized!
    Low Battery message and coordinates I get always. So I assume I must be authorized? But I can’t change anything. – TK102 says “not authorized”. What’s wrong? Please help.

    • try to authorize your cellphone number by sending “admin123456 cellphoennumber” to the tracker. Also,make sure your password is correct.

      • yes I tried. Comes back “admin ok”. So pw must be okay too (123456). But still “not authorized” with ev’rything else.

        • try calling the tracker for 10 times, it’ll automatically authorize your number. Also,when sending authorize command.

  42. Then please contact the seller to see if they can help you to upgrade the firmware.

  43. Paulo Simões

    I not understand yet, how the device operates in standby mode. Sometimes, after a sms, it stands in this mode after a few seconds (the led stops blinking, and “wake-up” in the next sms), sometimes no (blinking all time – with high battery consumption). Any secret?

  44. I don’t get a sms when i try to setup my device. (tk102)
    The sim is firmly inserted.

    Also when calling the number, no reply.
    I live in aruba and tried 2 different networks.
    Is it a known problem that this device don’t work in some countries?

    • You’ll need to determine which version you got. There is two version on the market that one support tri-band and one support quad-band. The tri-band version might not work properly in the US and other country of US continent.

  45. tenho um tk 102. mudei a senha e me esqueci dela após alguns comandos, alguém pode me ajudar a resetar o tk102?

    • You’d better to try out the password, because once you forget,the only way you get reset the tracker is to flash the firmware again, and this is very complicated, you’ll have to buy extra cable and do a lot of work.

      • Hi dear friend, my authorized sim card was stolen,and I can’t access the gps tk102 from other cellphone , how can I solve this problem.

        I sent admin123456 new cellnumber and nothing , I did too adminpassword13142324 , and the device reported fail. help me!

  46. As the previous message by Jimmy, I still cannot get my tk102 to respond to a call or an SMS. The SIM card is inserted properly and the device is blinking with a fully charged battery. When I call the TK102 it goes directly to voice mail and says the device is unavailable. When the SIM is in the cell phone it answers immediately. Is there a way to reset the TK102? The begin123456 won’t work if it won’t answer.

    • hi, this happens quite often when the sim card has a pin code security control. Put the sim card to your mobile phone first and remove using pin control when starting the mobile. Then insert it back to gps tracker , go outside, wait for 2 minutes and send begin123456.

  47. My unit give me the coordinate,But each time i call the unit i get a recording.Before it use to give me a fast busy signal then hang up,then send me the coordinate.Please help ! What is wrong ?

    • It seems the tracker has been switched to the monitor mode. Send tracker123456 to switch it back to tracker mode.

  48. I face a strange problem that the TK102 won’t answer call or reply any sms while it’s charging. that mean I can only use the unit with battery only.

    any solution?

  49. alejandro manavis

    avery time i try to initalize the device i get an sms back that it tells me ”fail” the same for pasword,…begin123456 fail, the same for administrator,…admin********* fail, etc….furtermore When i call the devise it dosn’t send me back any sms…have you ever see this again?what can i do for this???

    • It’s your password is wrong. If you really forgot the password,the only thing you can do is to flash the firmware.

      • alejandro manavis

        its a new device so i never set any password at all…what can i do?is there a way to do hard reset to devise in default settings?

        • Please contact ur seller to see if they have any idea about the default password. As I told u before,the only way to reset the password,is to flash the firmware again.

  50. Hi how to set it to oringinal factory setting

  51. Hi,
    I heard continuous tap from car battety will drain within few days
    Is it possible 2 connect with 3.7v battery n via USB 2 ciggrate lighter ! So that when car is on it takes current from car and when car is off it takes frm it’s own battery! Will it charge d 3.7v battety when connected with USB ?

    • Just find a electronic technical, they’ll know how to connect to the power once your car is on. It’s not much bother.

    • Hi, sorry to bother U, but from where U know that TK102 will drain car battery within few days? Real consumption is very low.

    • I wired my gps unit into the cigarette lighter. When i turn on the key the car gives my gps power. When i turn off the key my gps runs off its own battery.

  52. I wanted to know if you can set the unit to follow the vehicle every 30 seconds throughout the day each month through

    • Yes,it can be set up by the command I mention in the blog. However,it’ll consume a lot of SMS credit, so it’s recommend u find some company that provide instant tracking using the GPRS.

  53. Gilberto Mendes

    Hi all,

    I have one TK-102, I buy it today, but I have some difficults to make this tracker runs.
    So, first, When I insert SIM card, led starts blink slowly, If I press On/Off buttom, this led will be blinks faster and after 3 seconds the led stay blinks 2 steps faster. I try two types of SIM card, of two differents operator.
    This device don´t answer the calls, when I try to call it, the operator automatic voice says “this number are off or out of area service” I´m in Brasil, more precisely in Fortaleza, and I try two operators called Oi and Vivo, but no sucess. Plase help.

    Gilberto Mendes,

    • It seems that your SIM Card is not recognized by the tracker yet. Please check whether your SIM is inserted firmly. Also check with your supplier whether the GPS tracker support your country. Because there is tri-band and quad-band version on the market.

  54. Hi dear friend,your site really helped me, I got a problem, everything is set but I am receiving an SMS without coordinates and with the link [filtered]. When I click, only chinese stuff.
    THank you!!!

  55. Hi, when I call the unit and it hangs up, I get the GPS coordinates and then a SMS saying ostbyname:-2. What does this mean. It will not respond to anything other than a call.

  56. Hi, 😥 I just got the tracker but can’t get any response to sms eg begin123456. I’ve tried 2 sim cards on 2 networks that are good in phones. The sim cards are inserted correctly and firmly. I’ve tried 2 fully charged batteries. I’ve done it outside in open space areas with good signal strength. But no luck. I just get the flashing led when I insert the battery (about 1 second on and 1 sec off). If I hold down on/off button it flashes very fast then after about 3 seconds and I release it the flashing is about twice as fast as before but I still can’t get any response to sms. I’ve triple checked the sim cards are inserted correctly and firmly. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks.

    • What will the tracker response when you call it? Will it hangup the call?

      • It goes straight to voicemail like it is not on the network. Also I’m in Australia – could it be a tri-band vs quad-band thing?

        • It means your SIM card is not recognized by the tracker. It’s not the problem of tri-band or quad-band things,this only matter to American user, tri band should be work fine within Australia. So the SIM card you use is it a 3G SIM Card? Or it’ll only register to 3G network? If it’s the case,you’ll try to find a 2G SIM Card.

  57. Thanks for your help and quick responses. Both the sim cards are 3G but in phones they drop down to 2G when the coverage gets poor. I’m not sure I can get a 2G only sim in Australia anymore.

    • try to check if your sim card has no pin code verification when inserted to a mobile phone. If yes, then remove this pin code security check and insert it back to a tracker.

    • Maybe it’s in SOS mode to an unknown authorized number. Is it consuming credits?

  58. I have recently got TK-02
    I did every thing , and I tried at open Area,
    I receive reply but without coordination.
    is there any possibility that this trackers may not work in some countries, I am in Dubai.

    Thanks for guidelines

  59. Hi I really like this product. I have used for a few months. Sadly I am now having problems. Everything works except tracker does no longer send it’s coordinates. I have tested in many locations, including fully outdoor and open locations.
    Gps signal is good according to other gps devices. And test locations were picked up in the past with this same tracker.
    But for last few weeks I can not get coordinates as I did before.
    Yes. Battery fully charged.
    Yes. Sim card fitted and works properly.
    Yes. Tracker initialized with begin123456
    (my real password) used instead of 123456 of course.
    Tracker responds with ok to my command as usual.
    I understand the use of all commands, and have had the tracker working well until now. Any help appreciated.

  60. So My tracker is not responding to my text messages. i do not receive any back. Does anyone know the problem?

  61. hi!My Tk 102 can’t set auto track ,GPRS ok
    and i have to set Move command but Move command is not good,Pls help me

  62. Help,Everytime i call my TK 102 it give me the same latitide and longitude and the previous date.It seem to be stuck.What is the fix for this?

    • Dear Admin, I have a TK102. When no gps reception I get the last position and the LAC. knowing the LAC the MCC and MNC of my country how I will find the estimated position of the no gps area. Thanks

  63. Is there a site for firmware update for the tracker TK 102? If so what is it ? Thank you.

  64. Saludos a todos:
    Necesito la ayuda de como quitar el numero autorizado admin para el equipo TK 102.
    Cuando yo llamo de otra linea al tracker no me reponde por q no sta outorizado esta lines.
    La linea q staba autorizado lo perdi y no hay como recuperarlo por q ya le dieron de baja y tiene otro dueño. Le rogaria q me aguden como puedo soluciona esate agradecido.

  65. I want to track every time a vehicle stops. I assume I use the “move” option but:

    1. I want to sms when it moves less then 200 meters. How do I do this?
    2. Is there an option to sms continuously every time it stops.
    3. I want it to sms if it has stood still for more then 10 minutes and then moves.

  66. Hi, had my 102 for a long time now and it does respond well to when i ring it and get the correct coordinates back. Super, BUT I cannot get into the admin side, i am sure I have the correct password but it will just not accept anything, what I need is to obtain the EMEI number by sending the appropriate command but I cannot get it to do this. I believe the only way to reset it is to Flash the software, do you know where this an be done if thats the only solution. Getting another device shortly to go o my boat as I am that impressed.

  67. david eardley

    Hi i found this instruction page exellent,I have three trackers the ones that have the link to google on my mobile work great but one has a different sms link that has suddenly stoped and when i try to go to the site it now says INVALID REQUEST i have researched this and it says the web page no longer exists,How can i change the web link in the tracker to the google one.The link at the moment starts with http;// any help would be great many thanks

  68. Hello

    I’ve bouvir a TK103 GPS. And it is working great. But, if I put in the GPRS mode, and leave the car in some place that is covered, 30 minutes later the gps stop sending gprs data. If you give the Check+Pass, it will say that the Gps signal is low. But then I put the car in the street, or an open place. The GPS keeps with the Low signal until half an hour. Is it normal?

  69. Sure I’ve connected the antena. But the strange thing is that the time sent to me in the SMS, when desactivating the GPRS mode was diferent of the usual. Like this: 15:12 (normal way), |5:12 (GPS with low signal way). I had to put it off to reconnect the GPS signal

    Is this normal?

  70. Put the sim in, put the battery on, turned it on, led light flashing every second. but no gps signal. press the on/off button again led light flashes faster. made sure sim card is installed properly, sim has pin code off. tried it in an open area. what could be the problem?

    • the tracker response nothing to you or??

      • it doesnt respond when i send a text begin123456, i dont think its getting any signals.

        • I tried setting up my GPRS network,

          setup my APN
          setup my GPRS username and password
          setup my IP and Port

          when i try to login it says incorrect password or username

          what could be wrong?

          • Hi this is my IP address And what will be my port number? how to find my port num? please tell me.

  71. hi anyone help got a tk102 set it up ok, also set ok with authorized numbers, I’ve initialized it got message back “beginok”
    when i ring unit i get back sms lat:long:speed:bat:F singnal:L
    then i get the imei number but no co-ordinate’s

    what am i doing wrong!!!!!

    • Your gps didn’t pick up the gps signal yet. Test it in a open space, don’t test it indoor.

      • when the device has low signal it wont send you the coodinate´s, try to put it in a place where it can get more signal!

  72. Hi. I have a few of these units but this one particular unit doesn’t respond with the “smstext123456”. How do I fix this?
    Also, is there a command to send the unit to sleep to save power?

    • All other function works well except the smstext command? I don’t think there is any command to make it sleep.

  73. Is there a site for firmware update for the tracker TK 102? If so what is it ? Thank you

  74. Hi, I recently purchased this item. I followed the instructions correctly, initialization is not working. I have SIM card installed as directed (no call transfer, no pin lock and call display is on), battery is charged and installed as directed,followed all startup directions and when I send begin123456, tried it outdoor, absolutely nothing happens (I do NOT receive ”begin ok”), on/off button does not do anything, light flashes every 4 seconds (Nothing happens when I simply call device). Is there a way to completely reset the tracker with default password ( in case it was a returned item for which someone had changed the password)…or if you have another solution to this problem.

    Thank you.

  75. Is there a site for firmware update for the tracker TK 102? If so what is it ? Thank you
    How do you flash the firmware.Is my unit dead ? Do i have to buy a new one ?
    Thank you.

  76. Oi recenemente adquiri um TK 102. Quando envio begin123456 o TK me responde como: you are not administrator. O que posso fazer para receber a autorização correta?

  77. när svar kommer i mobilen fr tk 102 visas ej lat: lon: WHY?

  78. help please!!

    i purchase one of these and did the “begin123456” and “track123456” both got ok repsonse but when i call i get a sms back that doesn’t give me long or latt. it reads: lat: long: speed: t: Bat:86%

    can you tell me why im not getting the long and latt?

  79. your tracker is not picking up the gps signal. test it in a open space.

    • Hi Admin: Hope you can help me.

      I have exactly the same issue: a message with “lat: long: speed: Lac:9d9 514c”.

      Then I sent a “check123456” meesage which replies me “battery: 100%, GPS: OFF, GSM: 100% GPRS: OFF”

      Why is the GPS OFF in the same open area where the GPS previously reply me with a valid coordinates? I’m anoyed with this.

      I Hope you can enlight me on this.

      Thanks in adavance

  80. Hi, I am not sure my TK102 works properly. In the “move” mode after the car is moving, it sends first SMS after 8-10min at the distance 3-4km and again after 2-3min(2-3km) it sends second SMS.10min or 4km seems to be too much???

  81. I can’t get mine to work. I’ve tried with two different SIM cards on different networks (Bell and Fido in Canada.) Fido I’m certain is a GSM network.

    All it does after I insert the battery is start blinking very fast. It does this regardless of whether the SIM card is inserted or not.

    What does this mean?

    • I have almost the same problem. My TK 102-2 used to work perfectly but suddenly stopped working. It just flashes very fast. Its not possible to turn off and it doesn’t respond to SMS any more.
      The SIM card works fine when I try it in a phone.
      Has it just plainly broken? Any one solved this problem?

  82. hi i have a tk102, which i have already initialize. If i charge up the unit to give to my son for tracking . The first call sent to the unit within 5 mins of the unit being power up report the geo-info.
    After 2 hours i try to get a geo-info, the tracker just keep ringing and goes to voice mail, if i reset the battery or power to the unit it begins to sent geo-info.The batteries are all fully charge. Can you help.

  83. i have a tk 102 and i think i have set it up correctly and i have star burst software running on iphone . when looking at the map view the ipone star burst software is tracking the phone and not the tracker which is somewhere else entirely ?? presumably the gps ( phone number) in the software is the tracker phone number ??

  84. No,the star bust is design to track the TK102 Tracker. Please contact star burst support for detail,there should be somewhere to set up the tracker’s number.

  85. Bonjour!
    Avec le tk102 je voudrais le réinitialiser comme à l’origine, je doit dire que j’ai essayer avec plusieurs GSM différent et parfois avec des numéros éronnés.depuis que j’ai mis une carte sim limitée à 33 sms par mois avec abonnement j’ai des problème.Et pourtant il a déjà fonctionner.

  86. All working great except text messages from device which include URL fail. Example:
    But this URL just gets the response
    Invalid Request
    The first part of the text message gives the correct GPS coordinates, just appears broken ? What am I missing ? How fix ?

  87. “hi i have a tk102, which i have already initialize. If i charge up the unit to give to my son for tracking . The first call sent to the unit within 5 mins of the unit being power up report the geo-info.
    After 2 hours i try to get a geo-info, the tracker just keep ringing and goes to voice mail, if i reset the battery or power to the unit it begins to sent geo-info.The batteries are all fully charge. Can you help.”

    i also have exatly the same problem, works well for a while like 2 hours also, then even if it stays in the same spot it goes to voice mail or accepts calls till also go to voice mail. after taking out battery and phone card, it works well again

    • Seems to be a bug of the firmware, try to contact your supplier to see if they are able to upgrade the firmware for you.

  88. I have installed one tk102-2 in my car and an other in my motorcycle. I have connected both trackers directly to the car/motorcycle batteries (via car charging cable). The problem is that after a few days the car and motorcycle battery get discharged. How to solve the problem? Do I need some special connection?

  89. Hello dear
    I need to automatically track online.
    How to subscribe
    Thanks for your help

  90. how to register the tracker and create a user name
    what is the VIP NO.?
    what is the device ID ?
    please advise

  91. 🙁 Hi admin, i have the tk102 everything works fine monitor mode but in tracker mode when i call i get a text back with batt. level OK and no latitude or longitude just a link that has no coordinates
    like this one,&z=1
    Thank you for your time

  92. trackeitor I use, I found it recently and even though it lacks things you can get your own server.

  93. Gilberto Mendes

    Hi all! Where’s can I find lastest software version? I have one TK102. Thanks a lot for all help.


  94. My TK102 was working like a charm.
    I was trying to use some commands I found on the internet to put it in order to save energy, but could not.
    Now my TK102 receives calls and did not return the sms with the coordinates.
    It just makes it through commands like fix90m 123456 ***
    I send the command and it responds begin123456 begin ok
    Tracker123456 already tried the command I had the answer tracker ok …
    Unfortunately it is still not responding months from the single bonds.
    Any idea?

  95. Hi, My tracker doesnt send coordinates of he right position that iit is in???

  96. hi need help with the tk102 i set the device up sent begin123456 and it replied with begin ok when i call it i receive a message with the lat and long but those cordinates put me in the middle of the ocean the gps was outside when i called to get cordinates please help any suggestions

    • It should not be a big problem, just carry your GPS in a car , after moving for a while the tracker will begin to pickup the right ordinates.

  97. Ola
    tenho 2 aparelhos tk-102 e os dois estao com problemas
    o primeiro me da as cooordenadas zeradas, fica tudo em branco a lat e a long, fiz diversos teste e sempre em local aberto, o que poderia fazer para solucionar?

    o segundo aparelho me da um erro de uns 500m a 1km metros ou mais, queria saber se tem como arrumar isso.


  98. Hi, Can you turn off the Low Battery Alert on the TK102?

  99. Hi I just got TK-102 and I think I did all set up right .. I got “Beginok” “adminok”
    but I got this massage only ,, which one is Coodinate ??

    lat: long: speed:

    I thied smstext, smslink but same,,,,
    I took to open area with good signal,,, but not work….Is anyone know what is the Lac number?? is that can be a coordinate?? Please help,,,

    • you’r gps tracker is not picking up gps signal , put it in a open space ,wait for few minutes and have a try , if the problem still persist , contact your seller for a solution.

      • lac number is the gsm tower data, the gps switches to gsm tower data positioning when it cant get a clear gps fix, ie when the view to the sky is blocked, its called LBS – google it, lac and cellid etc for more on this

  100. Hello Admin
    I have gps tracker tk 102. I send a message “begin123456″ to initialize i test the tracker in a open space but when the device sms me back it didnt show the LAT and LONG number its show me. lat: long: speed: bat:F signal:L imei:357713000723327. And i tray to send smslink123456. Its send me.,&ie=UTF8&z=16&iwIoc=addr&om=1speed:&imei=357713000723327.
    Please help me

    • ur tracker is not picking up gps signal yet… restart and try it again (cloudy weather might take longer time to locate your coordinate).

  101. Will this work with a tmobile 3g sim? Thanks in advance.

  102. José Nivaldo G. Cavalcanti

    I have a TK102-2, the green LED blinks fast all the time and I can not send SMS to it, the phone is out of service, is there a solution for him to return to work.

  103. hey have got one of these devices and ive tried the password cheek and i get fail , but i don’t got a usb cable to flash the firmware with

    also im not sure if my number is authorized is there anyway to cheek i keep ringing the device and i don’t get any coordinates back just blank

    • have to reset the password or use the authorized number to call the tracker

      • ok got it working , barley, but i went for a drive with it and i had it in a boot of a vehicle

        i drove from home to about a 10km destination rang it and got an sms back saying my home coordinates but then i gave it anther sms an hour later and i got the location i was at

        i then went home and gave it anther sms , got the coordinates where i was at not my house , didnt try again.

        but is this ok i need reliability but i dont mind having to wait a while with the tracker in position to where i need it

        also for vehicle use , would the boot compartment be better or use the magnet and jam it under the vehicle for signal
        appreciate the help alot

        • Try calling your gps more times. Sometimes on the first call my gps will report a previous location. And only after the 2nd or 3rd call does it give me the correct current location. So call your gps a few times in a row. Maybe that will help you see a more current gps location.

  104. Hi admin, I was hoping you can help me.

    My tracker (TK102) worked perfectly a few months ago, but then I recently put in into storage up to now and find that it no longer works. It’s not a battery fault because I’ve tried with new BL-5B batteries, nor is it a sim problem because the sim works fine. No sims work – I cannot call any sim (it goes straight to voicemail). I even have a problem with switching it on/off – before, I had to hold it for a few seconds until it flashed repeatedly for a a few seconds – that doesn’t happen anymore. No matter how long I hold the on/off button, it simply flashes once every 3 seconds. This is the same when I’m charging the unit. Do I need to flash the device and update the firmware? Is my device ‘bricked’? Please, please help! I will greatly appreciate any advice you have. Thank you ever so much for reading this, and once again, please please help!

    • If you can’t switch your tracker off, this indicate that your SIM card is not inserted firmly(not detected by the tracker), please double check whether the sim is placed firmly.

      • Hey Admin, thanks ever so much for your reply. Miraculously, my tracker started to work again. The angels sang when I got my first text, saying begin OK. All it good. Keep up the great work, and thanks once again. Have a great one,

        Judy x

  105. I purchased a TK102 AU on ebay. Now I want to post it to a friend, but the courier won’t send it because it has lithium batteries. Is the battery the same as a phone like a particular model Nokia etc or is it totally unique to the TK102? If so, I can ship it to my friend without the batteries and he can buy replacement batteries where he lives.

  106. Hi there found this site very helpful,as you rightly say the user manual is very confusing with +,space etc and the like.
    once you have set it up, how do you contact it…is it admin123456 (or new password)please advise 🙂

    • admin123456 is not required, just call the tracker and it’ll response with its coordinate.

      • is that call or txt ?
        also i have the unit to hardwire into the vehicle, there is a red and black wire call me thick but which one is the live 🙂

        many thanks again

  107. Hi,

    I stay in India and have purchased the TK102 product.

    The sim card is not getting detected by the unit.

    I checked the IMEI number of this product. It was
    395711031138188. When I checked this IMEI number on, it showed the IMEI as invalid.
    In India as per law, all cellular networks check the validity of IMEI before providing service for the product.
    I guess this is the reason why its not working.
    Please advise what should be done in this case.

  108. Thank goodness I found this site…fixed my problem in 10 seconds 😀 😆

  109. Hai.i have gps tracker tk102.but i forgot my to reset back?
    If i want make hard reset what the sms command?

  110. Hi I bought two of these, and no matter what I do the Auto Track wont work, nor does the move or speed. It accepts the commands for all these, but does not send SMS.
    Yet the SOS works and the low battery works.
    What could the problem be?

  111. By the way I have to use at30sum15 as the command for autotrack.
    If I put in t030s005n123456 it says ‘command error’

  112. Just purchased a tk102 and charged the battery overnight, sent begin123456 and received begin ok response. I can not get it to give me lat and/or long. It continues to turn it self off after about every 10 minutes or so. It will sned responses to me such as time zone change and authorized phone ok’d. Any ideas? thank you

  113. Hello, I have just purchased a tk102 and all sms functions seem ok but I can NOT get the gprs to work with I’m not sure what “APN” code I need to send to my device. Is it my local APN or the default one the manual tells of (CMNET)? I have tried using the default I.P. address and Port it says to use but have had no luck. Does anyone have suggestions or maybe can guide me thru this process? Thanks

  114. Pl provide GPRS function setting in TK102 and inform me about how can i real time tracking

  115. TK 102 worksbut the only SMS sent back to me is adminOK! Why? Additionally in 95% of SMSes speed is 0,00 while it is not true. Help, please.

  116. Hi, I’m from Uruguay.
    A couple of doubts: first, my TK102 uses firts the password and after the commands, for example “123456textlink”… is that OK?

    Second, when I call the unit, it nevers gives me a link to google. instead it sends me in first place the authorized cell phone “097 111111,lat:30.012992W,long:56.145555S,speed:0., ….” and so on.
    When I purchased the unit I thought it should be easier to access to the position of the GPS, just clicking in the link in my phone, but now I must copy and paste the numbers, and also add a “-” before the numbers because I’m in South and West!! Can you help me with this second problem please? Thank you… a great Blog!!

    • first, initialize your gps tracker by sending “begin123456” , and switch to google link ,send “smslink123456”

      • Thank for your quick answer. I did what you write (in my case putting first 123456 and later begin without space!).
        Then “123456smslink” and I received “smslink ok!”.
        I call the unit and receive this message: :”,… Bat: 49%

        Tried outdoors and same message.

  117. oi comprei gps tracker tb, mas ele não fica ligado por muito tempo na bateria na energia de casa e na do veiculo, pode me ajudar?

  118. Por favor, meu tk 102 não retorna sms com coordenadas. Tentei sms123456, smstext123456, smslink123456 e todos retornam com a mensagem comand error! Begin, reboot, zone e monitor funcionam normalmente, mas sms com coordenas nao retornam quando ligo para aparelho.

  119. I have a new TK102-2 and just went to T-Mobile for a sim card. They say it’s active, but there’s no response from the TK and any calls go directly to voicemail. The green LED is flashing rapidly. It was a “3G” card, is this compatible? Does the flashing LED mean anything specific?
    Thanks for your help.

  120. I saw your email online and thought you could help me with this question. I have TK102 and TK103 devices and used them well. They work great however if I lose battery power, the devices are loosing the configuration data especially update interval tn command.

    For example:
    1) Power on the device
    2) Configure GPRS settings
    3) send gps location update command t060s***n
    4) works great and sends gps locations every 60 secs
    5) Power down the device
    6) wait for 1 hr or 2 hrs
    7) Power up
    8) Expectation is that device will connect to the server and sends GPS coordinates every 60 secs. The noticed behavior was that, it connects to the server and the keep alive command ( remembers gprs configuration) and server configuration details but never sends GPS details. To fix it, I had to resend the t060s***n command again.

    The question is, is this expected behavior or am I missing something. Without this fix, device is pretty much useless. We can NOT deploy in commercial space.

    Please let me know.

    We are in tracking business and looking for good trackers. our site is I am available on skype too.

  121. hi
    who can i update the firmware from pc.

  122. hi
    how can i update firmware

  123. i got same problem as others all set fine outdoors but sms says long & lat all 00000000 went to other open location still the same it’s just not finding a satalite signal it responds to my sms’s to set it up

  124. how do we boost the gps signal cause this tracker become useless if the device is inside a house

  125. Hi , I need some help !!!
    Have a TK 102 and first authorized my sim number. Now I changed my cell number, the new one I sucssesfully authorized calling 10 times, but when tring to cancel the first one, it sends noadmin fail. I´m I wrong or the first authrized number can´t ever be deleted? Or I´m doing somthing wrong?
    Thanks !

  126. Admin sorry for being repetitive but I guess my question is important for everyone. I can´t in any way to delete the first number registered to receive sms from the Tk 102gps. It works perfectly. By my new number, I can authoryze and unsubscribe new numbers, but the old number, the command “noadmin123456 XXXXXXX” always fails for the first number that was registered when bought. This first mobile number will only be with me for a few more days and he continues to receive sms from the tk102. The problem is that here in my country the mobile phone companies pass mobile numbers canceled for other clients. How do I unsubscribe to this mobile number first otherwise it will continue to receive sms with the positions of my tk102.

  127. hi, on the top part of the device there is an antenna, is it the gsm or gps antenna. cause i want to connect an external gps antenna to the device

  128. Hi,
    I’ve got TK102-2 device and I have one problem. When I call up the unit it answers properly, but everytime I am trying to set up anything (f.e. command begin, timezone, …), the unit is not answering. Don´t you know where is a problem?

  129. Thanks for answering, but a friend told me to try “reset123456” command . Never heard about that beside the “begin123456” didn´t work to cancel the first autorized number. Now this “reset123456” was sent and whatever the gps did not send any sms with “reset fail” or “reset ok”, it worked and now the first authorized number is not receiving sms anymore. So people here try to use this command “reset123456” wich seems to reset all previous numbers and tell me then if that worked. Thanks adm.

  130. Hi admin,
    my tracker device work Ok from my phone, problem is I can’t track it trough th GPS tracker software. operated the GPRS in the unit, set the provider APN and i added my imei to the software, but the long. & lat. are 0 & 0. when i press single track or anything else it displays ” Disconect with terminal, disable send control comand”.
    Can u please help?

    • try to call the tracker to see if it can report the correct geo info back.

      • Thanks Admin for your reply.
        Device works great from my mobile, gives right coordinates, i can setup speed and move commands…
        Problem is with my laptop, i setup the GPS tracker software, entered my imei. Point keeps blinking @ 0,0 and no respnose from device.
        If there is a step by step configuration on how i can make it work through my laptop i would by so thankful.

        • I am also trying to setup GPRS so I can track via laptop/webserver. Did you manage to set yours up? If so do you know where I can get info. Thanks

  131. Hello, does the tk102 works in USA / CANADA?

    i got a gsm sim card, inserted it into it, and i only get a rapid flashing green light, it does not reply to sms and it says ”call cannot be completed” when i call the number. the phone carrier says my sim is activated right. any advice?

  132. hi can someone tell me what company offers better plans for sim cards for 102 traker i live in newmexico u.s tank you

  133. Can you help, tracker works great but, once the tracker looses signal, say after been in underground carpark. When I am outside again the unit will not work (I have left it hours to try).
    The only way I have found to get unit working again is to remove the power re-connect. Thankyou.

    • 7 May 2016;
      I have the same problem with my newly purchased TK102 – it will turn off once it lost the mobile signal (like after entering into an underground car park or sometimes even a speedy run on a highway), and need to be manually turn on.
      Is there any way to keep it running and picking up mobile signals automatically once available and the only way to turn if off is to manually pressing on the on/off button?
      Will appreciate your help. Thank you.

  134. I have another question Admin.
    If i want to trace the device from more than one computer (to try may be the problem i have is because of my laptop computer), who i must contact to enable more than one point monitoring – kindly send me the link.

    • I am also trying to setup GPRS so I can track via laptop/webserver. Did you manage to set yours up? If so do you know where I can get info. Thanks….

  135. hi, I have TK 102, it was working fine but suddnely stopped working like sending or recieving anything and the green led just blinking !!?
    can you help me to fix this problem and what is it and why it happened? and what can I do to repair it or get it back as before?
    thank you

  136. hello , when can I get an answer? thank you


    • any luck getting the internal memory to dump its gps fixes to a map, ive set the device to track in multi storage mode ie command “Save030s***n”+password and it replied save ok.

      ive now hooked up the usb cable to my pc but it does not seem to detect the trackers internal memory as it would say for a usb memory stick etc, am i missing somthing ?


  139. Admin, does this tracker works abroad? like in Colombia S.a.


  140. Hey admin,
    I own a Nokia E71. the tracker replies me back but I cant open it, as it says “Format not supported”

    Please Help..

  141. Hi,
    SOS button has been preesed by mistake so, it starts sending me text messages: help me!. I try to cancell it by sending help me! but not works. every time I rechare the repaid sim the whole balance get end by these texts messages

    help plz.

  142. Hi everybody.

    I just bought this gps tracker TK-102
    but the cd was destroyed, is there anything important in there? and where can I find the software was in the cd to download it.

  143. hi admin, you haven’t answered my question ❓ . on the top part of the device there is an antenna, is it the gsm or gps antenna. cause i want to connect an external gps antenna to the device

    • Rashid,

      I tried opening the device and found the antenna on the top. I think it is a gps antenna. My device was reporting false co-ordinates before but after opening the device and let the antenna free, it reported with true co-ordinates.

      I even tried tracking the device for 30 seconds but I am getting reponse every minute or so. I guess this is because of low battery or poor GPRS. Hence, making the tracking really unstable.

      I am looking for boosting GPS and GPRS signals by using external antennas.

    • Rashid,

      I opened the device and found the antenna at the top. This is GSM antenna. My device is clone one and GPRS was too weak. I managed to add external antenna and now GPRS seems pretty good.

      • thanx for your reply, but i dont get u, are u saying that the antenna on top is for gps? and after connecting that external antenna can u get coordonates when u inside a house.

  144. Hi adnmin,

    I have just got the tk 102 but my question is in the move function I have observed that it dosn’t operate if only when I park the car and call the device and the returned message was with speed 0.0 and it happend rarely because it allways give the speed with range fron 0.5 till 2.5 so please advice how we can settle the speed when park to 0.0 and another question regarding the GPRS data my sim card s 3G and there is no 2G won’t it work with the 3G should we install another firmware I belive the TK 102 is like the mobile device if it work only with 2G and the sim is 3g it will work ,

    Thanks in advance

  145. como puedo leer el numero celular administrador lo quiero dar de baja y me dice noadmin fail no se como grabe mi numero.como lo leo?

  146. I have just get the tk 102 can you advice why the monve function don’t operate as I have observed that it operates only when the speed is 0.0 and it happend rarely bec the speed in from 0.5 to 2.5 almost how can we fix it ( new firmware),regarding the GPRS should the sim be 2G as it is not found now meanwhile I belive that tk 102 is like the mobile device ( when the device is 2G it force the sim to work on 2G )
    Thanks in advance

  147. I have just get the tk 102 can you advice why the monve function don’t operate as I have observed that it operates only when the speed is 0.0 and it happend rarely bec the speed in from 0.5 to 2.5 almost how can we fix it ( new firmware),regarding the GPRS should the sim be 2G as it is not found now meanwhile I belive that tk 102 is like the mobile device ( when the device is 2G it force the sim to work on 2G
    Best regards,

  148. Have loaded GPS Tracker software. Default USER ID is “admin” which is sorted. What is the default “password” or how can one be setup?

    GPS tracking is brilliant and everything else is working. Also, I have tried “smslink123456” but still cannot get google maps. Any help to get away from low resolution maps from –

    The manual with the unit and docs on the CD are of no help on this. Would appreciate any help.

  149. hi admin,

    i bought new device tk 102
    my problem mentioned above alot

    i am trying to initialize the device by sending begin123456 but it is not responding to any text message BUT when i call it, it hang and send the gio information ( SO problem NOT responding to sms although in open area)

    secondly i pressed SOS botton it keep sending SMS ( HELP ME with location ) every 3 minutes and not stopping even when i sent text as per manual>

    So How can i make it respond to my SMS???

  150. I replaced the sim I was useing with one from a website called puretalk usa…it does nothing. they state that they are a 2g network. I had the unit working no it does nothing…this thing is extremley aggrevating!!!!!

  151. Amigo, quero retirar um numero de celular da lista envio o sms e da noadmin fail o que fazer para excluir o numero ?

  152. Quando eu coloco em tracker todos os numeros autorizados vao receber informações ou só o admin ?

  153. hi i have a tk102. I send begin123456, admin123456+phone number. The tracker never send me a mesagge to confirm, but when i call, this send me the geo positions. i try to program auto track, but dont work, i try a differents times, but nothing.

    Other problem it`s that the second day, the geo-posistions that send me, it`s the last, and send me the same every time, and the tracker it`s in other place. How i can reset the tracker.

  154. Please do not return my tk 102 sms with coordinates. I tried sms123456, smstext123456, smslink123456 and all return with the error message commands! Begin, reboot, and monitor work zone normally, but with sms coordinates not return phone when I call.

  155. Hi, I have two brand new TK102-2. Begin, authorization, time zone and google link commands work fine. After pressing SMS button on both units and holding it in for 3 secs the return SMS have the location but words “help me” are not there and it is not repeating SMSs every 3 minutes. The second unit does the same but it can take hours to return an SMS and coordinates are East and West instead of East and South. I have tried to update the firmware with pl-2303 driver and included link cable. So far I have given up. I have tried to update firmware on three different PCs on winXP and win7. Nothing works. Com port is fine but no transfer. Please help me if you can.

  156. Hi,

    can you please help me if you have some advice on this issue. My tracker was working just fine and now it is stuck an will not connect to gsm network. It is powered up and I can not turn it off it just flashes every 4 sec and if I call it it says that the gsm is turned off by gsm network.

    Tx for help.

  157. Hi, j have a tk-201 and j have initialized the tracker so if j call it the tk-201 send me e massage with LAT and LONG number.
    After about 3 days the phone line is always busy. why?
    j have to reset the tk-201 about every 3 days

    can you please help me

  158. Please help. I have a TK 102. Everything works fine except for the SOS function. I pressed the SOS button for more than 3 seconds, and then got a “help me!” SMS back. Everything OK I thought? When I send “help me!” reply back to the tracker it doesn’t reset itself. It carries on sending the”help me!” message until all the credit on the sim is used up!! Please can you help me to reset it.

    Thanks in anticipation. John

  159. Please help. I have a TK 102. Everything works fine except for the SOS function. I pressed the SOS button for more than 3 seconds, and then got a “help me!” SMS back. Everything OK I thought? When I send “help me!” reply back to the tracker it doesn’t reset itself. It carries on sending the”help me!” message until all the credit on the sim is used up!! Please can you help me to reset it.

    Thanks in anticipation. John B

  160. I need some help. I have a tk102 and I put in a sim card from a Samsung SGH-A107 prepaid phone. All the light does is flash and nothing more. I have made sure the sim card is firmly seated in the tracker. I txt it and get nothing in responce. When I call it there is no ring tone and it doesn’t hang up the phone. I live in the US and would greatly be thankful for any help.

    • That’s weird. When you call the tracker, you shall either get a ringtone or it’ll response “the number is power off”. Call it again and wait,see what the carrier will response.

  161. Please answer my previous question about the non functioning SOS. The reply from my iPhone doesn’t switch off the SOS “help me!” message. I sim is drained of any credit in a very short time. Please reply. If I can’t switch this function off, the tracker unit is basically “locked”!!!
    John B

  162. Hi

    I have just published an Android app (TKMon) that allows you to control TK-102 type devices and display the maps etc. on the phone. It is available on the Android market at

    Hopefully it will make life easier as well as letting you get the best from your TK-102.

    Apologies if this breaks any forum rules – I couldn’t see how else to pass this information to the Adminstrators. 😕

  163. Hi, i have a TK 102 which seems to have problems with the gsm/gprs component. the unit does neither respond to a text nor any calls. The sim car is correctly inserted and not on sim lock. there is also a strong signal when i use the the sim in my phone. the led blinks rapidly most of the times and sometimes changes to slower blink (about 2 times per second) and then sometimes lights up solidly for a few seconds. can you help please? is the unit out of order maybe?

  164. Read all posts but not find any of my case problem.
    Tk102 worked flawless, I added 3 cell phone aut and after calling the device 10 times from one of these cell phone, giving back all sms text geo, it become admim “master ok” in some automatic way…
    Now I cannot control tk fron any cell…tried all beginpass and adminpass number.
    If I call device from any number it ring without hanging off…

  165. hi,

    I have the TK 102. When it was just bought it ran just nicely. But i did not use it for quite a long time and did not even put it on or charge the device for around 2 months.

    Now after having charged the battery and putting it on, it simply does not work. When I send the sms “tracker+pasword” it replies tracker ok. but when i call on the device it does not give the lat and long. What to do guys? signal is very clear where am using the device.

  166. Hi,
    have had great fun using the TK102 tracker for more than one month. However after receiving the last position SMS I received another saying
    ADD MASTER OK since then I have not been able access the tracker. All SMS commands I send do not appear to work neither does a direct call from the authorised phone number.
    Can anyone help please.

  167. Olá tenho um tracker 102, ele funcionava perfeitamente, deixei ele desligado sem bateria por um mes, agora todas as vezes que ligo para ele, nao recebo sms de volta com as coordenadas, e nem quando mando algum comando, oque pode ter acontecido?

  168. I have the same problem mate above, call the number back but have not coordinate.
    I disabled s.o.s. How active once again

  169. Hello I bought this GPS tracker about two Months ago, it came with two internal batteries, which they only last less than 12-16 Hours of stand by. then I get Low Battery text from the tracker and it goes dead. they were supposed to be 48hrs battery life on stand by, which is not the case, I put them in at night, by the morning without any useage I get the text saying battery Low. I bought this supposely external two months life expan battery, and it conects from the side data/ battery charge port, but it doesn’t work! and also i like to know how can i conecet the GPS tracker to my PC? If not why is there a data port on this tracker? thank you very kindly, Happy holidays!

  170. Did you tried the hard wire for the tracker? It can power the tracker constantly.
    About the data wire, you’ll need to purchase it separately from your supplier.

  171. HI
    I have a GPS tracker TK 102 and I to him initializе, do not reply to SMS, when you call, me send sms to: http:/,470
    bat:100% imei:*****.

  172. Now send me only location that does not reply sms. I can not register it This device is not from xexun.

  173. Hi. I have two TK102’s. One works fine, the other keeps sending me messages every 3-4mins and 12-13mins until my credit has been used up. What setting have I used that would cause this?
    Thanks. Mick

  174. HI,
    I have a tracker TK -102 when you dial, answer me a sms with koordinatite.No not reply to text messages. When I call rarely shows http:/,470 bat: 100%

  175. Hi bought a gps tk 102 for my uncle as he has dementia and got lost from his nursing home some time back and got lost for 15 hrs. My problem is if his carers forget to charge the unit and it loses power we can’t communicate with the unit anymore. If it loses power and you recharge, turn it on again. … Should it need to be initiated again by using begin123456 and being put outside etc as at the moment all I get is voice message and then have to go down to the nursing home and redo. This is annoying. Is this the normal way of things with this unit. Do you have to initiate the unit everytime the battery comes out??? Ta Nikstro

    • 1. You don’t need to initialize the unit every time after recharge. It’s not normal you need to initialize the unit every time,but to flash the firmware again might even annoying.
      2. The device use a BL-5B Battery(same as many nokia battery), you may buy a high capacity battery to make the battery last longer.
      3. You may set a geo-fence for your uncle. So you can stay alert when he’s out a certain range.

  176. Hello again, I have a TC-102
    therefore constantly mistaken north and east, and did not meet my sms.

  177. First I wrote 123456begin and then tracker replied to Begin ок. ,it should

  178. HI, admin Why can not I register tracker Tk-102 in —shows IMEI invalidation

  179. I pressed SOS and the tracker responded correctly. Now I cant swich the “Help Me” command off. I have even sent “Begin123456” and “Help Me Command”. It drains my credit. Please Help. How can I cancell this?
    Thanks John

  180. What I need to do to set gprs on? I have set correct APN but when I am asking for status with check123456 its giving me GPRS: OFF, I have also tried gprs123456 command but again its not working. The same deveice/sim was working a couple of days ago.

  181. Quisiera ayuda para configurar el GPRS, con un CHIP CLAROCHILE y poder instalarlo en ORANGE. Gracias

  182. I have the tk102 tracker I have tried everything but still can not get it into tracker mode it keeps giving me a command error. I can reset it do a admin and monitor but not tracker, please help

  183. tenho um rastreador tk-102 e quando ligo para ele recebo as coordenadas de latitude,longitude etc e mais o link
    Tentei o comando smstext123456 e me retornou sms ok! Porém continua com o link do wxlxy…
    Como faço para colocar o link do google maps e tirar este ?

  184. I have set my own ip and port in tk102 but I am always getting ‘##,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,A;’ on the server. how to get full information?

  185. Hi me again with the walk-about-uncle. If I call the unit as I do daily and the reply comes back as being in a low signal (it usually does as the nursing home has a tin roof) it then sends another SMS as soon as he gets a full signal. This is costing me alot more money. Is there any way of stopping the unit from doing this. I check
    The unit daily to make sure that the unit is turned on and the carers have charged it.
    Also is their anyway of keeping the unit with “noadmin” as the nursing home does not have their own mobile and any carer on shift may need to call it if he wanders off. I usually have my phone on me but what if I don’t. Thanks for any help.

  186. i had the same problem with the initialization.First of all is to set SIM card PIN to OFF

  187. Yes I have done “noadmin123456” but after 10 phone calls it sends a message “master ok” so I assume I have to resend “noadmin123456”. There is no “master” in the instructions so I don’t even know what that means. Do you know why it keeps sending extra messages and how I can stop them please??? Thank you for your help 😎 Nik.

    • I’m afraid I can’t think out any better idea at the time. Maybe you can figure out some way to improve the GPS signal inside the nursing house? Sorry mate!

  188. Hello Good afternoon
    When I send an sms to my tk 102 he replies okay. example begin, monitor ok ok, ok tracker.
    but when I call to get the coordinates he just says nothing.
    he’s no sign anything.

    I started it and the answer was “begin ok” but when I call to get the coordinates he answered nothing

    what events they might be?

    Help please!

  189. HI, all I have a TК 102, why not send me a link coordinates, how it works, is not a smslink

  190. When i send a message “t030s005n123456″ or other this type for auto tracking , its not working.
    Other comands like MOVE, SPEED, CHECK, fence, ETC., works fine. Just not answer for “t030s005n123456″ comandad.
    Is any body having any idea?? please help me out

  191. HI, admin Why can not I register tracker Tk-102 in —shows IMEI invalidation

  192. How do I set the timezone if mine is +5:30 ?

  193. Hi, I just purchased a TK102 and the (optional) power cable:

    – If I DIRECTLY connect the power cable to the car battery I suppose it discharges the car battery, have you experiences with it?

    – If I connect the power cable to the car in a way that the 12V turn off when engine car engine is off, does the TK102 power on again when it get 12V?

    How have you connected the TK102 in you car?

  194. Hello. When I phone my TK102 it sends me 5 or 6 identical
    SMS messages and tells me where it is. It works well but is using up all my pay as you go phone credit. How do I make it just reply once? Thanks, Patch

  195. Hello

    when I send any sms , all I receive is only squares

    and when i send sms from blackberry , I don’t receive any response . what should I do ?

  196. Hello,
    I bought a TK102 two months ago… it has worked very well for several weeks, and I let it with battery discharged two weeks;
    Few days ago, I needed to use it, but impossible to make it work again..
    I made a call.. no reply
    I tried to send by sms a new begin123456 but no reply;
    I tested the sim card it is ok
    I tried to send a reset123456 but no reply…
    The small led is not flashing every 4 seconds regurarly..
    Please can you help me?

  197. Hiiiiii i have this model of gps tracker but unfortunatily i changed the password n forgot it …. How can i reset password pls ? Any software or hardware ? I’m electronics engineer ….
    Thank you so much for help

  198. I bought a tk102 tracker but I haven’t been able to get it to work. I’m using a go phone sim card from at&t and as soon as install the battery the led start flashing every 4 secs. Always was test it outdoors, the led never started solid, always start flashing as soon as the battery is plug in. Won’t accept calls, sent begin123456 no response from tracker. What can I do?

  199. hello all,
    i bought a tk102 tracker, every thing is going well, i have a big problem, sometimes when i call the device, it seems that it is turned off, when i see the led, it seems that it is working.
    i don’t know what is the problem.

    • Check the battery.

    • I have the problem too. I think when you call and hear the voicemail or “turned off sound” the device is out of phone network signal. I think this is the cause.

      • After using it for some time, I discover that even if the green LED is blinking, it does not mean the unit is working. If the current from the battery is not enough, the LED is still blinking but the unit is not in a working state. This issue also applies to when you plug the car adapter or external battery to the unit and the current is not enough.

  200. thank you niking, but i checked the battery, also i removed the bettery, just the charger of my car, also the same problem, actually i have the car charger from the company. when i am in the car and moving, sometimes when i call the sim card it shows turned off.

    i am very confused, i don’t know the problem.

  201. Hi I am trying to configure GPRS on my tk-102. But here in Brazil mobile operators besides APN, user and password, they also have proxy address and port. How I configure the mobile operator proxy and port on my Tk-102? thanks, Douglas


    Proxy IP:
    Proxy port: 8799
    Nome do Usuario: claro
    Senha: claro

  202. It wont stop texting me with the SOS Help me! and co-ordinates. Have used £30 of credit and it still wont stop, I’ve tried sending “help me!” back and resetting it etc but no luck.

  203. try “begin123456” instead

  204. Im new to the TK102 and I am looking for a free website such as that monitors my tracking unit. I’d like to find one in the US.

  205. Im new to the TK102 and I am looking for a free website such as that monitors my tracking unit. I’d like to find one in the US.

    Having a problem with my imei when i try to register GPS

  206. Yes! Finally something about traceur gps.

  207. When I remove the battery, does the unit reset all settings, authorized number?

    So when I put the battery in, I have to set the authorized number again?

  208. Can I use regular usb to micro usb cable to charge the device or I have to buy its cable?

    • Charge the battery with de tracker charging device. If you use the tracker continuosly in the car, install a power supply 5 vdc connected all time to the tracker and forget it.

      • Do you have the pin-outs diagram of the micro usb of the device? Anyone knows, please tell me or give me a link. I want to know if I can use regular micro usb to charge the device by a backup charger.

  209. Batt:F Signal:L What is the signal? Is it phone network signal or GPS signal strength?

  210. The green LED blink 1 time every 4 seconds = phone signal ok?

    If it blinks 2 times every 4 seconds = gps signal ok?

    Is this the same in every tk102?

    • After several experiments, the conclusion is that enough remove and replace battery, nothing more. All settings remains im memory and it initializes automatically.

      • Sorry, I asked about the LED blinking. I read somewhere that if the LED blinks 2 times(every 4 seconds) = it can receive GPS signal. If it blinks 1 time(every 4 seconds) = it can receive phone signal.

        So I would like to know if this is true. I can only see the LED blinks 1 time every 4 seconds on my device.

  211. I would like to know if the device was receiving GPS while the car is moving and later the car was parked inside the building without GPS signal, when I call the device, does the device send the last received lat: and long: to me? So the location would be somewhere along the road, which is the way before the car was parked. Is this right?

  212. I do not understand the “Hidden number tracking”. If I activate the “hide number”, when any number call the device, the device will reply what, to all authorized numbers?

    • ok, I tried this. “hide number123456 numberofcaller” the device answered, HIDE NUMBER ok! If there are two or more authorized numbers, the device will reply without the caller number, to the authorized number.

  213. Your tutorial saved me valuable time. I am about to purchase one of these units and I would have been lost without the information.

    There are two ways of tracking. Receiving the coordinates and typing it in manually and ………….?

    Ideally one would set the unit to transmit the coordinates at regular intervals and interface it to a PC or laptop with Google Earth. What will I need? (Hardware/Software)

    • The basic and easiest way is calling the tracker to locate it, also some company have develop the system to track the tracker instantly via GPRS.You may find one of this company and sign up for their service.

  214. Thanks a lot for providing individuals with an exceptionally spectacular possiblity to read articles and blog posts from this site. It’s usually so pleasing and as well , packed with a good time for me and my office colleagues to search your website minimum 3 times weekly to read through the fresh guidance you will have. Of course, we are certainly contented with all the mind-blowing ideas you give. Certain 3 areas in this article are basically the finest we have all ever had.

  215. hi
    i forgot the password
    can we reset the device?
    if yes how?


  216. 😳 i send admin+password+number to the tracker !!!
    The problem is the number was the one on the chip inside the tracker
    😳 Does this mean the tracker is locked ? and can i unlock it ?
    Please let me know how thanks…

    • as long as you know the password,it’ll be fine. Just use another number to send the admin command to reset the authorized number.

  217. 😥 my tracker returns lat:0.000000N,long:0.000000E,speed0.00,,Batt67%.

    How do I fix this?

  218. ADMIN

    I live here in London! I use the o2 chip company in GPS tracker. If I return to my country in Brazil I can use another chip from another company in gps tracker?

  219. Hello,

    Is there someone who can help me set up GPS auto search on internet, what i do it is not working!

    Geo fence, movement it all work, only when i send sms to tracker smslinkone it will send me a sms back!

    Please help!

    Regards, Dennis

  220. henrique lima

    dei bobera e coloquei uma senha com mais de seis digitos e agora ñ consigo resetar para que volte para a senha padrão alguem pode mim ajudar ja tentei tudo do manual e ñ consegui

  221. Prezados,

    Tenho o GPS TRACKER 102,realizei os passos da configuração abaixo, mas não consigo resposta de volta para o meu celular (linha pós-pago da tim). Como poderia solucionar?

    Segue a configuração que o vendedor enviou:

    • – Faça o reboot em seu aparelho, para resetar qualquer configuração que você já tenha feito. Envie uma sms com o texto: reboot123456. Em alguns segundos o aparelho retornará com a seguinte mensagem: “System Will Reboot”. Aguarde cerca de 2 a 3 minutos e siga os passos abaixo.
    • – Inicie o aparelho enviando a sms com o seguinte texto: begin123456 ; o aparelho irá retornar com a seguinte mensagem “begin ok”
    • – Autorize o seu numero de celular para receber as coordenadas da localização, enviando o seguinte texto: admin123456 [Numero completo do telefone]. OBS: O numero do telefone deve estar no seguinte formato: 550099998888 – Código do país, código de area (DDD com apenas 2 números) e numero do telefone, respectivamente.
    • – Ajuste o horário do GPS tracker enviando o texto: zone123456 -3
    • – Indique que você deseja utilizar seu telefone para receber as mensagens. Envie a SMS com o texo: telephone123456

    Todas as mensagens enviadas devem conter “123456”, esta é a senha padrão do aparelho. Caso você tenha alterado a senha, faça os ajustes de acordo com a sua senha.

    Feito estas configurações, você pode ligar normalmente para o numero do CHIP que está inserido no GPS Tracker para receber as informações de localização do aparelho e também um link para ver na internet a localização no mapa.

    Caso você possua acesso a internet em seu celular, você pode verificar este link diretamente de seu celular.

    Lembrando que é necessária cobertura de sinal GPS e GSM para utilizar este aparelho

  222. hi admin,

    please help me, i have a lot of problems with the gps tracker, maybe i am too stupid :(. first thing is – it worked out, BUT i changed the mobile now it isnt working anymore. sometimes the mailbox is working (but it shouldnt, right?), sometimes its not ringing, sometimes its ringing too long. its really strange. and i did everyting that i read in the manual. to reset the options, i tried to do the admin stuff again but it didnt work out. i just got “admin fail”. i am so sad, because it was already working, really slow and sometimes i got the coordinates hours later, but it worked. it didnt answer with the coordinates anymore, it doesnt react anymore.

    • Admin fail means your current number is not authorized by the tracker, use admin123456 newnumber to authorize the new number.

  223. and an other question – should i charge the battery with the cabel or with the extra “battery charger”?

  224. Tadeu Dornelles

    Como faço para resetar o software, pois troquei a senha, autorizei 4 telefones, mas não funciona, quero iniciar tudo novamente.

  225. Tadeu Dornelles

    Já resetei o aparelho, obtive a resposta que foi resetado,autorizei meu número de telefone, foi aceito mas eu ligo para o número do rastreador e não tenho resposta. E aí pode me dar uma dica?

  226. Ive set up my tk-102. Got everything to work put in my admin # and tracked it. I tried to track it last night and it would not give me any response I have it hooked up with the battery cable inside the cars fender so it doesn’t get damaged. Now when I call it it goes straight to voice mail and if I text it begin:;;;; it’s not responding and I have it parked outside? What am I doing wrong

  227. Hi

    Trying to initialise the TK102. It will not reply to any text messages and when I call it I get the standard “this persons phone is switched off please try later” response. I am using a Vodafone pay as you go SIM. Any help appreciated.


  228. Hello, yesterday I bought a TK102 sends the call to me the coordinates, he sent me back – Lat: Long: Speed​​: bat: F signal: L help me IMEI 359586014687896

    That there is wrong, why is it written? Phone Nokia C6-00

  229. I have a tracker i tested my sim card (three network in the UK) it is a 3g card) In a normal phone it will recieve and send text message fine. I put in unit and turn on here is what happens

    1. I press on/off 3 seconds
    2. green light solid on for 10 seconds
    3. green light flashes 4 times a second 20 seconds
    4. green light then flashes twice per second (book says this is that unit has cell reception)

    I send text ->

    I get no reply
    I send text ->

    I get no reply

    I send all messages and no reply

    light just keeps flashing 🙁

    • I’got a problem about TK-102.I use the TK102 for my car.When I call to TK-102 from my office .It’s send SMS geo info as my house and when I call again within 10 minutes,It’s send me a right geo info.
      Does the TK102 has a power save mode?
      Can I disable this option?
      Thanks a lot

  230. Hi,
    Do you know if this device is compatible with this app here for Android (Austral GPS Car Tracker)?

    I just have an smartphone with Android, no IPhone =/


  231. can you set up multiple stockades? and if so how?

  232. Will the device work efficiently in Nigeria?

  233. Quando eu ligo para o chip do rastreador, ele responde com as coordenadas. Porém, se eu enviar um SMS de comando ele não me responde. Exemplo, eu envio um stop123456 ou check123456 não tenho resposta. Não fiz nenhum nenhum cadastro de admin para o numero.

  234. buenas ,me estaba funcionando bien y de repente todas las coordenadas me dicen 000000000 y 00000000,me puede alludar,,,,,

    un saludo y gracias

  235. Buenas, me estaba funcionando bien y De Repente TODAS las Coordenadas Me Dicen 000000000 y 00000000, me You can alludar,,,,,
    un saludo y gracias

    Johnny 29 de marzo 2012 a las 22:34
    Probablemente está en una ubicación ciego y fue reseteado, por lo que no puede encontrar la ubicación real.

    gracias pero que puedo hacer al respecto para solucionarlo,,,,un saludo y muchas gracias

  236. hi there, had TK102 for a while now,just recharged the battery and sent a txt – tracker+password to the unit but no reply ? was in a open space for ages what can the problem be


  237. Can the unit be switched on an of remotely.I.e by cell?

  238. My GPS Tracker is sending to me all the time “help me” alert. I sent it back “help me!” correctly as manual comments. I don’t know what is happen. How can I reset my device. Is there a way?


  239. Hi

    when I call the tracker it sends the co-ordinates ok, but doesn’t send a link to google maps with it. I’m using a recent vodafone sim card & sending the messages from an iphone

  240. My tracker has a sirf3 processor, could this be the problem? I tried smslink123456 and got no reply

  241. Erwin Van Vlierberghe

    Hello guys,
    in live in Belgium – and installed the TK103 – everything worked fine – begin, changing password, adding my phonenumber, setting the correct timezone…
    but when I enter:
    moveXXXXXXX, or ImeiXXXXXX I get sms back : saying you aren’t authorized

    Anybody knows a solution?

    • try to include your country code or area code in the authorized number. Or simply don’t authorize any number.

  242. hello, I just bought this tracker and everything was working great until I entered the admin numer WRONG and now I am not able to delete it since I think the admin has to do it!
    Could anybody help me?

  243. Hello.
    I just bought the TK102. Everything works fine, except the commans “SMSLINK123456”.

    I get no response from this command. It only gives me text co-ordinates, but I want the google map link.

  244. Hi
    Recently bought tk102 all functions work except for geofence and auto track
    I get a confirmation of the stockade but the unit sends a location SMS shortly after set up even though it is stationary and when it does eventually move outside the geofence it does not send an SMS.
    I cannot get it to respond to an auto track request.
    I welcome your suggestions

    • Hello,

      Same problem here,

      after sending the stockadePASSWORD latitude1,longitude1;latitude2,longitude2

      I get a message with coordinates? Is it normal? To tell me where is my car after the Geofence setup ?

      Then I send movePASSWORD
      Then I receive MOVE ok!

      But when the car moves I don’t get any alert ?

      Thank you for your ideas and help.

  245. Can the TK103 unit be switched on and off remotely.I.e by cell?

  246. there r an app compatible with samsung tab?

  247. i need app compatible
    with android !!!!!!!!

  248. I’m able to communicate with the unit via SMS just fine, but when I send “check+password” it keeps saying that GPS is turned off. Is there a command to turn it on or is it saying GPS: OFF because it isn’t receiving an GPS signal?

  249. Hi I need help. I installed tk-102 6 months ago works perfectly but I have forgot the password and are unable to use the unit properly is there a way to reset the unit???

  250. hey guys,
    I am from NZ,
    all my messages i receive from my unit are blank.
    any advise on this. from both an iphone and older phone. have tried everything

  251. Hi guys i have a tk102 set it up ok, also set ok with authorized numbers, I’ve initialized it got message back “beginok”
    when i ring unit i get back sms lat:long:speed:Lac 27 7289
    When i sent sms check123456 it responds:
    battery 100%
    GSM 100%
    What i do wrong is there any way to turn GPS on?

  252. The Movement Alert for my TK102, not sure if it’s a clone one, does not automatically turn off. It send sms to me every time the car moves 2-4 km. Just for your info.

  253. I want to ask anyone who uses the GPRS function of the tk102. If you do not call the device, is the device login to GPRS network all the time?
    I hope it does not login to GPRS network all the time so it does not use my GPRS data plan. It only login to GPRS when you call the device. Am I right?

  254. its obvious that the move function on tk102 is not as specified, so you are misleading people with the claim that the unit will alert you if it moves 200m in 10s. It doesn’t work for me and a lot of people here that reported this issue and you failed to give a answer how to fix it. this simply means this product is incapable doing this and therefore useless for many people.

    • Hi Pero, I’ve bought a Tk102 and all function work without Move function as you indicated.
      I sent a sms move123456 and the TK response is MOVE OK… but If i move the tk i don’t receive the SMS. (i’ve try to begin etc.. but nothing) Do you have found the solution? Many thanks marco

  255. Hi guys I need Sms command to reset to factory settings


  256. can tk102 replace current link with a google one

  257. Austral Systems


    We made an application, named Austral GPS Car Tracker (GPS Car Tracker TK SMS), for Android (ZY, Xexun, Coban and clone devices).
    You can download it at the official Android Market (Google Play):

    You can also read more about it on

    Thank you,
    Austral Systems

  258. hello, i bought tk-102 gps /gsm/tracker, but after repeated, sms i m not getting begin ok[or any sms response, what to do?

  259. Hi, I have a problem with the notifications…
    When I use arm+123456
    reply: Tracker is activated!
    If I open a door or the swith nothing happended.
    However when I use check123456
    Door:ON //This one change
    GSM Signal:21

    My device detect the change on door/swich but I have no sms alert.

    Thans in advance =)

  260. Hi my sos message help me will not cancel i have received about 30 messages now i have sent the help me message back as per the booklet but this won’t stop, help me please…

  261. I bought one of these devices recently and hard wired to my motorbike. A week later the bike battery is flat but the unit is locked with a permanent LED light but the unit is off/stand by, ie I can’t call it for a status. I can’t reset or turn off. It’s about as much as useless. Any ideas?

  262. hallo ich habe 2 stueck.eine sendet mir sms mit http// mus nur drauf klicken. und die andre sendet sms mit ohne http// nur lat long; muss manuel in googel map tippen. 🙁 warum ❓ ❓

  263. Hi hope you can help me. I lost my grandpa. The police search him from yesterday. He have GPS Tracker TK102 on him but it sending me a message with “lat: long: speed: Lac:125c 795f”.
    When I sent “check123456″ meesage which replies me “battery: 100%, GPS: OFF, GSM: 100% GPRS: OFF”
    Could you tell me why the GPS it`s not working and if i can do something please!

    • Since Battery Level is full, keep tracking…
      The GPS is not picking up any signal at the time.
      Also, since the GSM signal is full, you may switch the tracking mode into moniter mode. So you can hear the environment around your grandpa, maybe it can give you a clue before the GPS work.

  264. Yeah, I try the monitor mode yesterday night and keep trying it, but it`s too quiet and i can`t hear nothing. Hope he`s Ok 🙁

  265. I purchased a TK104, hopefully set it correctly. I have received text from the unit but when I call
    fix 030s 005n 123456
    reply is locating automatic fail.
    Can you assist.

  266. Juergen Meisen

    what is the solution for the above shown first Problem?
    I`ve got the same problem!!Got only a empty message for the position from the tracker.
    Did I buy a defect unit?

  267. I have a proble,evry time when I call,back messagges>
    Speed: ooo.o
    What’s the problem and why I can’t see coordinates?…Please, me..

  268. Hi there! I can´t get my TK102 to work.
    As soon as insert the battery, the green LED illuminates.
    It does not blink every 3 seconds, it just glows and i get
    no answers to my SMS.
    Can you help?

  269. I have the tk102 and have set it up but the co ordinates are out by 30 miles north and 2 miles west, any ideas?

    • Try to get some speed on the tracker and test it again.
      GPS data gets more accurate when the tracker is moving.

  270. Is it possible to switch from decimal lat and long to degrees, mins and seconds on the tk102 unit. If so, how? Any help would be much appreciated. 😯

  271. hi , do you have the master reset code for the t102 please

  272. Hi my 102 does not inform me of low battery condition. Is there a comand i have to send to make this auto? Also what is the full command set?

  273. “you are not administrator” – answer to all camandos. What is the problem? Thank you.

  274. “you are not administrator” – answer to all camandos. What is the problem? Thank you. (My 102)

  275. Aqui em sao paulo foi acresentando o digito 9 no numero do celular, antes desta mudança ja havia cadastrado o meu numero sem o digito 9, após essa alteração o gps não retorna mais sms, o que devo fazer?

    • Eu mesmo resolvi meu problema, retirei o chip do GPS, inseri o chip em um celular, editei os contatos acresentando o digito 9, inseri novamente o chip no GPS e voltou a responder os SMS`s. obrigado para mim mesmo!!!

  276. Murat Büyüksayar


    If I send emergency aid does not coordinate smslink123456 All codes are also used in the type TK102


  277. Hi
    Should the indicator light stay on and flashing all the time. mine goes off after 4 minuets/


  278. how do I flash the firmware?

  279. I bought a used one
    put in new simcard
    tried begin123456
    response: begin123456 fail
    What do I do?

  280. Hi
    Should the indicator light stay on and flashing all the time. mine goes off after 4 minuets/

  281. SOS – Passei o dia tentando bloquear o envio das mensagens de SOS, eu cliquei no botao para testar, e ele me enviava a cada 3min, recebi mais de 100 mensagens, e não conseguia impedir o envio de jeito nenhum, envia para o numero “help me!” e nda, oque aconteceu? resolvi retirando a bateria, mandando begin123456, cadastrando o celular novamente, admin123456 05541…, e ai sim enviando a mensagem “help me!”, ele me retornou “help me ok”, UFAAA achei que teria que pagar por 200 mensagens por dia. fica a dica.

  282. SOS – I spent the day trying to block the sending SOS messages, I clicked the button to test, and he sent me every 3 minutes, I received over 100 messages, and could not avoid sending any way, send it to the number “help me! “nda and out, what happened? resolved by removing the battery, sending begin123456, registering the phone again, admin123456 05,541 … and oh yes sending the message “help me”, he returned “ok help me,” UFAAA thought it would have to pay for 200 messages per day. gets the hint.

  283. I have a TK-102 and it works great except when i connect it to the car power supply it might only work once sometimes not at all. when i disconnect it and use only the battery it works great again.any suggestions. Thank You

    • Anything blocking out the gps signal when you connecting to the car power?

    • I still can’t get my tk 102 to work with the car charger plugged in. It works every time i call it when it is not connected to the charger but as soon as i connect the charger it won’t respond.

  284. Olá
    Tenho um TK102 e recentemente no brasil acrescentaram mais um numero aos celulares, o que complicou de vez pois não consigo resetar o mesmo devido o numero que está cadastrado lá ser o mesmo só entrou mais um na frente. já tentei de tudo e não consigo me habilitar de volta para usa-lo.
    Você sabe alguma maneira de conseguir atualizar o numero de telefone? exemplo o numero era 123456798 e agora é X123456789 entrou mais um numero na frente ok.


  285. My TK102 Tracker no longer works in monitor mode – I get MonitorOK confirmation when changing between Tracker & Monitor however when I call the unit it just cuts out after 2 rings – Any ideas what is cuasing this?

  286. I have tk102 and I’m wondering if I can configure it through some software. I have configured it through sms and sometime it works well someother no. I would like understand the configuration status (GPRS configuration).
    I am sending a lot of sms losing a lot of money! please help.

  287. Hi
    I set up the tracker as instructed. Clear sky’s, and not a cloud in sight. GPS blue light blinks almost straight away after I turn it on outside. I have text it several times. The location is always in the same place but 200 miles away from the unit !

    • use begin123456 to initialize your tracker.
      And you’d better start the move a bit, so the tracker can pick up the location correctly.

  288. Can anyone answer my question does the green flashing indicator stay like this as long as the unit is switched on or does it turn off after 4 minutes.

    Thanks Ray

    • When to tracker status is ok to work, it’ll blink in green light every 4 seconds.

      • My TK102 turns off after 4 minutes then when i ring the tracker the indicator lights again but sends old geo-info.
        it has clear view of the sky.
        when i ring a second time i get correct geo-info
        can you help with this problem.

        Thanks Ray

  289. I purchased this tracker and it was working fine for 1 day! Now I CAN NOT get it out of the “Monitor” mode. I have tried “Tracker123456” even “begin123456” and it hasn’t changed NOTHING. The only way I can get it to report it’s location is by holding down the SOS button. It will report several times, then stop reporting.

    Anyone have any ideas how to get it back to working? Thanks

    • Take the battery out of the unit and reset it that way.After resetting battery,try with Begin123456 again.
      Hope it helps.

      • To HarperPI…. resetting battery means reinstalling….my bad 😀

        • Stig, thanks but I have already done that several times, still no change. My unit was from CHina and i didn’t get any CD or any cables with it. I don’t know how to fix this!!! It is making me very unhappy!

  290. TK102B I used to get real street address but is get it ant more any ideas thank you so much

  291. price please

  292. My TK102 Tracker no longer works in monitor mode – I get MonitorOK confirmation when changing between Tracker & Monitor however when I call the unit it just cuts out after 2 rings – Any ideas what is cuasing this?

  293. TK102B I used to get real street address using address123456 but is not get it more any ideas thank you so much

  294. Vladimir Gabriel Carneiro

    Bom dia Admin,

    Tenho um Tk102 mas estou recebendo sempre as mesmas coordenadas,113.912430E.

    O que pode estar acontecendo ?

    Vladimir Gabriel Carneiro.

  295. I have a TK-102 and I still can’t make it work with it plugged into the 12 volt car charger, It works fine on the battery but won’t work plugged in. once in a while it will work one time. Any suggestions.

  296. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three
    e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Thanks a lot!

  297. hello i buy one of this gps 102 tracker but when the device sms me back it didnt show the LAT and LONG number please help

  298. I am finding this TK102 is not really a GPS tracker but more a GSM tracker as the results seems to more accurate when in an area with more mobile phone towers and out in a regional area I find the accuracy is very poor.

  299. Any one have any ideas why the tk102 will not work while pluged into the 12 volt car charger . It works great on the regular battery .
    Please Help

  300. Just bought a tk102. Using my daughters sim card, i am testing the tracker. If i phone the tracker, all i get is her voice mail, instructing me to leave a message. I have tried sending a sms, i am not getting anything back. Please help.

  301. I used the tracker once when i first bought it, about 3 months ago. I recharged the batteries, but now the green light flashes as it is supposed to, for about 3 minutes then turns off. When the light is flashing, it ‘seems’ to work corectly. I have to keep turning it on. Anybody got any suggestions please? This happens with both batteries. Thanks…

  302. i buy tk102, why my device only monitoring function?
    i call the tracker, after 10 scnd, i hear monitoring from tracker,, i send sms begin or anything isnt respond from tracker…what happens this tracker? thanks

    • try tracker123456

      • i was send sms begin…, tracker…, but the tracker is not respond for sms back, but if i call the tracker only hear monitoring from tracker, and i hold sos button the tracker call back my tracker is quad band..any wrong is my tracker??

  303. 🙁 I got one of these units – couldn’t get it to even begin – sent over 20 “begin123456” sms’s and nothing worked – there was no problem with the SIM card – waste of money

  304. Help me please

    when I send sms “check123456”
    the tracker T102-2
    respond me:

    battery. 100%
    GPS: OFF
    GSM: 100%

    Why “GPS is OFF”

  305. Hi,
    i lost my cell phone so lost my admin number i cant get any info from my tracker, how can i make my new number the admin number when it has my old number set as admin,

  306. sorry should have made clear, i can not use my old cellphone number as i have a new number which the tracker does not recognise, obviously i do still have my admin password,

  307. Hi,
    I stay in India and have purchased the TK102 product.
    The sim card is not getting detected by the unit.
    I checked the IMEI number of this product. It was
    395711031138188. When I checked this IMEI number on, it showed the IMEI as invalid.
    In India as per law, all cellular networks check the validity of IMEI before providing service for the product.
    I guess this is the reason why its not working.
    Please advise what should be done in this case.

  308. Hi,
    I stay in maldives and have purchased the TK102 product.
    The sim card is not getting detected by the unit.
    I checked the IMEI number of this product. It was
    395711031138188. When I checked this IMEI number on, it showed the IMEI as invalid.
    In India as per law, all cellular networks check the validity of IMEI before providing service for the product.
    I guess this is the reason why its not working.
    Please advise what should be done in this case.

  309. Hi I have a net book and wondered if there was any way I could download the software driver?

  310. I initialized the TK-102 and recieved beginok. I then called the tracker 10 times and was set up as an authorized phone. When I call the TK-102 I get no coordinates (lat:lon). I was outside clear day no obstructions. I moved to another location and got the same result. Doing a ‘check’ I got a GPS OFF check. Is that a situation that I can turn the GPS ‘ON’. This is for a high school project. Any help would be appreciated.

  311. Hello, I am not using for about 3 months now, I want to use my TK102. After inserting the SIM card and the battery into the lamp lit continuously. What can I do?

  312. pls
    anyone can send me settings infos for PC ?
    we have all but where do we set it up on computer
    alsoto set up gprs
    APN+password (the customer APN contenet???) what are these contents? how dowe specify to GPS ?

  313. Hello:
    I buy a tk102; the first time i tryed the device, i put one SIM just to try it.
    The second time, i buy other SIM, and i put it in the tk102 device; but with this second SIM, the device doesn´t send any sms, or any type of comand. Heaven if i try to make a call for this second SIM, the device, calls,but doesn’t sen any location.
    Any one can help me?

  314. Hi there’
    I have purchased a TK 102 Tracker where can i buy a suitable Sim card or just an ordinary Card the same ii use for my I phone. regards Bill

  315. Please help? This unit appears to be working normally in every way, except it does not report GPS position.

    I send it begin123456, and it replies begin ok!
    I send it check123456, and it replies:

    battery 100%
    GSM 100%

    there is no text command to turn GPS on…I assume it automatically turns on when it has a signal. I have the thing in the middle of my yard ffs.

    when I call the number of the SIM in the unit to get a GPS location, it replies:

    T:00/00/00 00:00
    bat:100% 359710040451396,&z=16

  316. (TK 102B) I used it with a prepay sim from an operator(and it worked) and now i wanna use it with a diferent sim from an other operator(network) The tracker doesn’t recognize the new sim.. the green led is always on. How can i reset the tracker in order for it to recognize the new sim. Thnx!

  317. Dear Admin

    I need show in google link in sms how to creat it
    please show img

  318. how to reset gps tracker TK102 ??

  319. Dear admin,

        I have a tracker 103-B and after put it in GPRS mode and try to get back to SMS mode it no longer works. I do not receive any return SMS.
        The GPS signal and GSM is OK. I receive SMS HELP, or sensors, but can I no longer do my TK receive SMS messages. When I put the SIM into the phone messages are received normally. The TRACKER stopped receiving my SMSs and I no longer have to activate it. What can I do …

  320. Hi Admin,

    the TK102 don´t stop to send me help, I tried send to it msn with “help me!” or “help me” . How can I make stop it?

  321. I have a TK102 and there are two problems

    1. when I track it I get coordinates for a few miles away from me.

    2. I want to see it on google maps, is there a way of linking it to the maps. I have seen messages from other trackers that include the link on google maps to where the tracker is.

    help please

  322. I have a good gps tracker tk 102, it worked perfectly but the time just stops responding SOS please help me. how to reset to original state

  323. New GPS Tracker arrived | - pingback on November 3, 2012 at 12:22 pm
  324. hi everybody

    On the first day everything were good.

    On the second day When I press the SOS button on my tk 102 it sends sms to the authorized number. it is ok no problem about SOS.

    But when I call the unit it rings just one and it hangs up and no message from device.
    battery F signal F on the open area) Does anybody know any solution. thanks.

  325. Fine way of telling, and good post to obtain data about my
    presentation subject, which i am going to present in college.

  326. Boa tarde a todos,
    li cuidadosamente cada comentario dessa lista.

    Comprei o TK102, mas não consigo fazer com que o begin123456 funcione. Não alterei a senha padrão.

    Alguém sabe se esse rastreador tem alguma limitação ?
    Uma forma de reiniciar ele totalmente ? Um botão reset ajudaria.

    Posso ligar de varios celulares que ele me retorna a posição corretamente.

    Desde ja agradeço a ajuda.

    • Luiz, este rastreador retorna a coordenada para qq telefone que ligar para ele. Verifique se outros comandos retornam alguma resposta. Tal como o fix, ou check. Dê uma olhada no forum, lá eles dão algumas soluções de problemas com esses aparelhos.

  327. Wybitny pisarz z tamtej redakcji. Promuję tego typu inicjatywy. Cieszę się na następne wpisy. Odważny portal. Otwieram wyobraźnię. Wpadnijcie też W moje progi. Staram się tworzyć autentycznego Internetowca.

  328. I got a TK102 and this is what I did:

    1st msg from mobile no 1:
    answer: “begin OK!”

    2nd step:
    called the tracker 10 times from number 1
    answer: 10 messages with GPS location to no1.

    3rd step:
    “admin123456 00xx12345678” to set +xx12345678 as an authorised number
    answer: “Admin OK!”

    4th step:
    3rd step:
    “admin123456 00xx12121212” to set +xx12121212 as 3rd authorised number
    answer: “Admin fail!”


    Second question: How can I check which numbers are actually accepted as authorised because I tried this several times.

    Last question: How can I delete all authorised numbers if I don’t know which ones it actually accepted?

    pls help…

    Oh and are your trackers original Xexun products?

  329. Hi, when I receive a location sms everything is correct besides the date and time. I have texted “time zone123456 8” and I receive an sms which states “TIME ZONE ok!” but when I receive the location sms it still has the incorrect date and time. Could you please assist me? Thank you.

  330. HI,

    please help.when i input authorise number , the tracker is sending a sms report every 1 minute to the authorised number.i cancel auto track although i did not even set it acknowledges auto track cancel.still i continue receiving sms report every 1 minute.the only way to stop the sms report is to cancel the authorised number.doing so defeats the purpose as then the sos function cannot be used.PLEASE HELP as need the tracker for my son who will be travelling tomorrow.
    Thanks in advance

  331. my tk102 was working well with 1st sms card.
    afterwards I put 2nd sms card it again worked well. but later it stopped working.
    it is still working with 1st sms card but not working with the other.

  332. Hi,

    I have a friend who has that tracker but each time he asks for coordinates and receives an sms it contains an adress starting with and that domain is unreachable since long time. Is there any why to replace this by an other service. Because for the moment he has to extract the Coordinates and enter into google maps manually.

    Thank you so much.

    Wfr Frank

  333. Hi admin

    I have that common password problem, I mistakenly sent the SMS command to my tk102 of:
    password123456 48984898
    Response was password ok 98

    Since then I can not access the text commands at all and adminpassword13142324 doesn’t send any response either. I know your gonna say to flash the memory but I can not get the drivers to work on my laptop for some unknown reason, is there anyway I can get round this issue??

    Please help, I’m desperate!

  334. Also a problem with setting up device on winXP, driver won’t add to the device so it comes up as unknown, any advice on this, how to flash it without pc and password issue??

  335. Hi
    I have a tk102-2 and I can’t make geofence function work.I get a confirmation of the stockade but just after that the unit sends a location SMS although it is stationary and inside the area I have sent with the command stockade. However, if I take the outside the geofence it does not send an SMS. I have called the unit when it is inside the zone and it sends me an sms with coordinates that are outside the geofence. And if I recall it, it responses with a different coordinates although the unit hasn’t made any movement.
    Any suggestions? I think geofence doesn`t work because the unit doesn´t know exactly where it is, it doesn´t know it is inside the geofence. I have tried it outdoors and with a good signal quality.

  336. hi i forgot the password can i do reset to tk102 and how?i try the 13142324 and nothing happens…

  337. My TK102b was without charge, after i put it to charge on the usb port and I begin to program the APN, after gprs the parameters like gprs user and gprs password it got stop to respond and gone out of area, the green light dont flashs more and it is stead on green about 8 seconds circle, I tried another sms chip and it dont works too, so when i called the phone it is out of area on both chips.

  338. Anyone can tell me why it breaks the sim card every time you put it on the TK102?.I do not know the reason for this problem.

  339. i have done everything that i know and everything you people are tell everyone to do and still can not get any respone from the tracker tk 102

  340. Srs, good day
    I purchased a TK102-2, but it returns the latitude and longitude blank.
    What should I do?

  341. I¡¦ll immediately grab your rss as I can’t find your email subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Kindly allow me realize so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

  342. I have a TK 102 tracker and it used to work great, lately when i call it i get a message the person you are callling can’t except the call.I can send commands to it and it will respond example tracker ok, but I can’t call and receive location. Help

  343. il tracher 106B improvvisamente mi ha inviato un sms ogni 3 minuti segnaalandomi che il mio veicolo era in movimento “move” e coordinate dverse rispetto a quelle normali relative al veicolo fermo. Corro verso il mio mezzo, poichè credevo l’ avessero rubato, ma non si era mossso da lì. Come mai i ha mandato coordinate leggermente diverse?

  344. Boa tarde… meu tk102 funcionava perfeitamente com chip da tim, porem de um tempo pra ca ele nao me retorna mais com nenhuma msgem… se eu mudar para o monitor e ligar, ele atende perfeitamente… porem no modo tracker ele nao responde nada… aguardo ajuda… obrigado

  345. I’m having a problem with my TK102 tracker.

    This is the second one I’ve tried and I’m getting the same result with both. I send the text: begin123456. I get the reply: ?jd?H7kB. That is the correct number of characters for: begin ok.

    Then I start receiving texts from the unit that are garbled rather like the one above. I can switch it to the listen mode Okay. That seems to work.

    Please can you tell me why the returns I get from these units are garbled?

    Thank you…

  346. Tk102.
    I had the tracker unit and it replied to my set up sms’s
    But now it doesn’t reply any more don’t know why.
    I have had GPRS info come to my phone, so took unit to the car and put it inside the centre console.
    Went back in the house tried calling the unit, It just doesn’t talk to my phone anymore.

  347. ola tudo bom tenho um tk102 mas quando mando sms com a mensagem gps+senha e nao retorna nada. o que devo fazer?

  348. i have the tk106 tracker , i made an error when making my phone admin. Instead of putting adminpassword with my number , i put adminpassword with the tracker sim number . Now i have no access since that is the only admin. How can i resolve this? Does reseting the tracker fix it and how do i reset?

  349. Hello, Neat post. There is an issue with your web site in internet explorer, may check this¡K IE still is the marketplace chief and a large component to folks will miss your wonderful writing due to this problem.

  350. Saludos, necessito ayuda mi localizador me envia el mensaje sin cordenadas ni velocidad se me queda en blanco, y como senyal L no consigo con ninguna tarjeta sim de otras compañias que la señal sea F

  351. friend in May 2011 to buy a GPS Tracker alarm was installed and it worked perfect, but uninstall and stored for several months, now back to install and everything works except the GPS location, sends me a message with the coordinates and locate the link for one of the cell but when it starts to load the link tells me: invalid request. I can do? I would greatly appreciate your help

  352. Je ne sais si c’est moi, ou si vous avez effectué un changement …mais je trouve des éléments changés, non ?

  353. Can i get this tracker to work whit a phonecard from sweden (telia) who support 2g+3g+4g network??

  354. i have 2 problem with my gps traker( tk102). that i cant set the passpowrd . i try to send admin123456 . but i got sms back saying : password fail !!!
    and the second problem is i cant open the program on the cd it asking for user name and password .
    any help ?

  355. Børnenes talent show 2013 « Biler « IHD Blog - pingback on January 24, 2013 at 8:09 am
  356. Don’t buy this crap it’s a piece of unreliable chinese bullshit!!!

    • Hello

      I’m a little inclined to agree with you. But which system should you buy, and where?

      Yours sincerely


  357. llamo al dispositivo y me da cordenadas al otro lado del mundo,yo estoy en mexico que hago tnks.

  358. hi, everything all set up correctly, however when i send begin123456 it sends me back a empty sms, ie there is nothing, when i ring it… sends me back an empty sms as well, any ideas???

  359. hello, I had configured the tk102 to answer a single chip number but I lost and now I can not receive or send any messages. How I can return it to the factory default settings?.

  360. ya mire todo el fora agradeceria a quie supiera como cambier el link de por el de google maps que debo hacer que msn debo enviar o algo asi o tengo que configurarlo con cable usb o que es. gracias son unos sabiondos gracias

  361. i have a tk102 and when i send the apn user name and password sms or the grps123456 sms it doesnt reply, could you help?

  362. My TK102 does not send low battery report and does not last even 24 hours. Can this be rectified? I know nothing about advanced options GPRS etc.. any help would be great. Thanks

  363. Hey i board i second hand GSM/GPRS/GPS TRACKER .. But no matter what i do i only reply me “admin fail!” and “password fail!” can anyone tell what to do?


    • Hi Mads

      Have you come closer to the resolution of your problem? As you can see by my questions below, I can not help you, but you’ve got a hole through your device, I would love to hear how you did.

      Yours sincerely


  364. Hi, I brought the TK 102 Gps tracker from Ebay and initiated it without any problem. But it just cannot report the coordinates back to me consistently, esp when the car is stalled and parked on the road. Even when it was parked on my driveway and I dialed it up, it just returned to me with brand lat and long coordinates and without a speed rate. Could somebody help me. Thank you Lynn

  365. Hello

    I bought a GSM / GPRS / GPS Tracker, but are not fully aware of what model it is but it looks like TK 102nd

    I’ve had it work by writing begin123456, but it was by chance – because I got it to work on telephone No. 2 as I sat up.

    Now it so I managed to get deleted this telephone number by typing an SMS back with noadmin. And it was not very smart of me, for now I can not get the unit coded up again.

    The problem now is that I can not come into contact with the equipment. when I write begin123456 nothing happens – the device does not respond back with an SMS as it would otherwise be. I’ve tried both upper and lowercase.

    Nor is it that I call the device. I’ve tried to call it 10 times, but it does not answer back by. SMS.

    I have connected pin code from my simcard and I have to delete all call forwarding. My service provider has a function of sending an SMS to the number if there is a call for quick on top of each other (if busy send this sms). This feature I have not been able to find outwards to unwind, but have called 10 times in a row with little space so there should not be sent an automatic SMS.

    I thought it might be a good idea to install the software on your device again, but I had no computer cable to the device. Also, I have not the software, so it is not present. a practical option – unless there are some who can give some advice here.

    I can see online that some signs that you need a sim card number on the card will be put in – for it to be used later. I think so I do not see anything in the user guide on.

    If there are some who could help me with a simple system startup, then I would be very happy.

    How to Make a reset of the system and get it set up again from scratch would be fine.



  366. With a sd card installed will the tk102 log location even without a sim card?

  367. Hi , i did everything what i read , but when i call gps he send me message with lat:long:speed : bat imei , i there is not coordinates for google in message , wher i wrong please help ???

  368. I have tried begin123456 and all other password attempts with no luck. I can call the unit and it will send me the coordinates but that all I can get, any thoghts? can you reset the device at all?

  369. Please help.

    How to set the tracker tk102 to factory settings, to start with begin123456.
    After these two commands, the tracker stopped working.

    1. begin123456 – begin ok
    2. admin123456 00386 ….. – Admin ok (wrote wrong phone number)

    In order to reset the tracker i try to send the following commands, but no luck:

    – format123456
    – adminpassword123456
    – adminpassword123456 13142324
    – reboot123456
    – begin123456

    What else can I do?

  370. I lost my password, which is the process to recover? you can help me??

    thank you so much
    Tk 102-2

  371. salve ho un gps106 quando vado per inviare move , arm , speed il gps mi invia ok ma al momento del movimento veicolo o apro sportello veicolo, o supero velocita non ricevo alcum sms da patre sua . MI AIUTATE GRAZIE

  372. boa tarde , tenho um tk102 e ele nao esta retornando as ms , tem credito esta tudo ok , isso aconteceu depois que coloquei um chip de outra operadora …. ele esta dando o sinal gprs normal na luz azul so nao retorna ms.
    me ajude por favor nao sei o que fazer
    edi londrina pr – brasil

  373. Boa tarde. Tenho um TK 102 TSD
    Nunca consegui que ele mande a Lat. e lONG. Nunca mandou.
    Conheco varios comandos, pois tenho um XT 107 e funciona tudo OK
    Queria reseta-lo e comecar tudo de novo, pois o TK 102 ja teve 3 chips diferentes dentro.
    Tem como ?

  374. Hi
    Can I buy a stronger battery for my tracker. One that would last a few days

  375. Paulo Castellanos (Guatemala)

    i have tk 102 but no response the sms for example whith full charge and the sim in your place i´m send begin123456 and the tk102 no response nothing tahks for your help

  376. can i monitor my tracker thru my tablet


  378. When i send begin123456 i receive this BjaeKfH7kB. why wont is display in english

    • I had exactly the same issue on my phone (iPhone 5S, under Telecom network in NZL) and thought it was the tracker – but then sent the command from my wife’s phone (iPhone 5, under Vodafone network in NZL) and it worked fine. The network that the tracker is on is the 2 degrees network. It has something to do with either the telco or the phone you’re using. I have yet to work this out though…!

  379. Hello,

    My unit send the usual wxlxy link which does not work. I tried the smstext123456 in order to change that but it still send me back links.

    Any ideas?



  380. Aonghais McAndrews

    I just checked the serial number/imei at the Xexun website and they are saying this is a fake! This is for the tk102-2 you guys sold me! Can you guys send me one that isn’t a fake?


  381. I power up the unit and send the begin command and authorize my number everything works fine.
    however when I remove the battery and then replace the unit takes about 2 hours to register onto the GSM network then works perfectly? in the meantime it does not reply to texts and when I ring it says the number is unavailable? are the settings persistent in the case of battery removal

  382. Je me coucherai moi bête ce soir grâce à cet article des plus intéressant que je recommanderai sans le moindre doute

  383. just purchased….works ok when I an next to the device but does not give coordenets when I am away from the unit?

  384. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you writing this article and the rest of the website is very good.

  385. the tk102 only works while my car is moving….if it is stopped for about 20 minutes it stops sending signal till it begins to move again?
    can someone please advise how I can get gps signal when the unit is not moving?

  386. Bonjour,
    Je viens d’acquerrir un TK102-2

  387. Hi folks.
    After a period of good work, my TK102 started to answer “fail” at every SMS or command sent to it, becoming unusable. After a call, no position or other answers are sent. How can I restore/reset the tracker..?
    Thanks for answer,

    Giovanni Miglio

  388. i just have my divice tk102,does it work on any kind of sim card?(pre paid)or old sim card. thank you..

  389. 🙁 I am following instruction but when I text the unit ‘begin123456’ it text bac ‘no content’ What am I missing?

  390. ola´meu tracker tk 102 funcionou no site gps-trace por um ano, e agora parou de funcionar, fui configurar manualmente via sms e todos os comandos e retorna mas com poblema de linguagem todos os sms vem em chines, sempre funcionou em ingles, mas agora me retorna tudo em chines, os comandos que envio é em ingles e ele me retorna em chines, oque será que aconteceu e se tem alguma solução para reverter o indioma para ingles

  391. resolvido mesmo retornando linguagem em chines consegui subir no gps-trace resolvido , obrigado por ter este post, executei todos os comandos mesmo me retornando em chines ele conectou no gps-trace, funcionando novamente perfeito , obrigado

  392. Hi I wonder if anyone came accross this before,
    I have a TK102-2 and when I’m in a zone that has 100%GSM signal, the trackers batttery lasts 3 days. When I’m in a low signal zone say about 20%GSM the battery drains in 1 day. Is this normal and can I send a stand-by or sleep command to the tracker? Thanks

  393. Two Questions:
    1) What is the SAR rating for TK102-2 ?

    2) Does TK102-2 ring when dialed in? Because if it makes any noise then it defeats the purpose.

  394. Oui, dans l’ensemble cela résume très bien le sujet…

  395. Hello! I buy tk102-2. The unit accepted all commands such as begin admin imei check and etc. When I try to get position tracker reply with address error! I tested on good signal place. Can you help me? Thanks!

  396. Comprei um TK 102 e ao realizar as configurações rápidas do mesmo, nenhuma resposta dos SMS enviados para o ship e cartão de memória os quais eu fixei no receptor. já tentei várias vezes e nada. Não sei mais o que fazer.

  397. I was using my TK-102 tracker with no problems, but suddenly report “busy line” and does not send any reporta for location.
    How can I fix the busy line condition? I will appreciate any help.

  398. I initialize the tracker send a message “begin123456″ but I get sms pasword err! 🙁

  399. I can not register begin123456. but I can call the. after 2 signals – I’m getting sms with GPS Tracker location google map. com

  400. I faund problem I sent reset123456

  401. Battery runs out in 24 hours. Is there a command – by sms – to set it in sleep mode? (TK 102B)

  402. Hi,

    I just got a Tracker TK102.
    I Fully charge the battery
    I put the sim card.
    I placed the tracker outside
    I do not receive an answer after “begin123456”. The sim card works with a cell phone (I can receive and send sms).
    The led is always on. 😕

    Thank for your support 🙂

  403. Hello, tracker worked fine till now. Now I always get the same position in the link. The tracker is not at that possition (on my doorstep.) Can i refresh the gps somehow?

  404. Hello.

    I need restart my tracker but I forgot the password. How can I do this?

    Thank you for your help.

  405. tks 106 answered monitor ok, but I cant hear, how do this? smslink he sent nothing only smslink ok ===no message , How to do in Brazil?

  406. Please help.
    How to set the tracker tk102 to factory settings? To start again with begin123456?
    After these two commands, the tracker stopped working as an admin but only as an authorized number (I can receive details at the 2nd authorized number but I have lost the admin privileges)
    1. begin123456 – begin ok
    2. admin123456 authorized number.
    In order to reset the tracker I try to send the following commands, but no luck:
    – format123456
    – adminpassword123456
    – adminpassword123456 13142324
    – reboot123456
    – begin123456
    The GPS hangs up the telephone (to the 1st admin number) and acts as an unknown number. It only reacts to the 2nd authorized number but I have NO admin privileges with it.

    What else can I do? Please help. 🙁

  407. Hello Admin,

    just get my TK 102-2, already made some setups( like changing password, setting 2 authorized numbers, setting time zone) but I have faced two issues right now:

    1. When I make a Call on it, it doesn’t respond with message.
    2. When i send a message to change a text sms to link sms it responds with such message: “password err!” (i know that i use correct password, because for other commands my password works)
    Can you help?

  408. Hi,
    How can I see all the “Authorized” numbers in my tracker.
    If I press the ‘SOS’ button I don’t get a reply on my mobile but I have 36p taken off the sim card (12p a text). So it seems it is sending 3 text messages.
    I have put my mobile as an authorized number!
    The tracker works fine on sending the location.

  409. Is it possible to use the tk-102-2 unit to log something like a bike ride (without sending text messages) and then download the track to my computer where I went?

    • Hi Micheal,
      If you have a smart phone running Android there are a number of apps that will do what you want and more.

  410. hi Admin,

    i have just recently bought a tk102, i when i try the first command which begin123456 it send back said begin123456 fail.. i have try so many times and doesnt work .. what should i do? pls help..

  411. Não consigo colocar time zone do brasil , qualquer sinal negativo a frente do número , não da resposta

    #time zone#123456#S-0400# sem resposta
    #time zone#123456#S0400# com resposta porém horario errado

  412. I have been using two differnt TK-102-2 trackers. They work great…just not on MY Phone. I am able to send it all the text commands, but when I call for location it won’t work. I usally get 3 different text as a reply. Sometimes blank or sometimes just something like”,1508;plmn:31026.
    I have received the CORRECT reply only a couple times. Providing me a link to google maps.
    AT THE SAME TIME…MY WIFE CAN CALL FROM HER PHONE, AND GET CORRECT LINK WITH LOCATION. We are both using the same phone…Samsung Galaxy 4.

    Please help. It dosn’t matter if its smstext or smslink. Thank you

  413. Hello I’ve just got a TK102 but after inicialization it only sends me SMS with ZERO coordenates !

    Could you please help me ?

  414. I get a constant blue light (Blinks once every minute) When i switch on my tracker. No response to begin123456

    When I call the number it says not reachable.

  415. Hi there! I setup the SMS number of Orange Trace System, now my TK102 is sending SOS messages to this foreigner number consuming US$ 0.25 each 3 minutes. I seems to not have any other admin numbers registered. I send every kind of commands, like adminpassword13142324 begin123456 reset123456 and others, and with no success. Do anyone knows another way to make it stops or reset to factory settings?

  416. Hi there! I setup the SMS number of Orange Trace System, now my TK102 is sending SOS messages to this foreigner number consuming US$ 0.25 each 3 minutes. It seems to have not any other admin numbers registered. I send every kind of commands, like adminpassword13142324 begin123456 reset123456 and others, and with no success. Do anyone know another way to make it stops or reset to factory settings?

  417. salve a tutti una info,anche io possiedo un gps track ed ho un problema,tempo fa lo usai e funziono’ tutto perfettamente,misi la nuova password e acquistai due schede apposite x utilizzarne una sul gps e l’altra sul cellulare,ad oggi mi sorge questo problema,non ricordo la password e nemmeno i numeri di telefono che avevo…come faccio a resettare il tutto x riutilizzarlo?grazie a tutti

  418. Hi.. i am from philippines, just want to know if that device gps tracker is compatible in our country? thanks..

  419. hola tengo un gpstk102 cunado mando begin123456 responde ok luego apn123456 responde ok pero cuando envio adminip123456+ip+puerto no responde porfavor me pueden ayudar y decirme si este equipo lo voy a ver en tiempo real gracias

  420. hello friends, i bought a tk102 can i charge battery with usb cable and my laptop?

    Olá amigos , alguém sabe se é possivel carrebar a baterya com o cabo usb ligado ao portatil?

  421. How to disable incoming messages that the three minutes are repeated sms: GPS! Help me!

  422. Hi,
    I can initialize the GPS normally, set an admin password and set admin number (thus, I get a response from the unit).
    When I send the command to autotrack it does not reply with a fail or success… Calling it does not return anything either…

    Any suggestions?

  423. HI friends 🙁 ,

    I have gone through this whole thread but seems no on e has similar problem like I have.
    I bought this similar looking Device (No where it is written TK-102)which has nothing but a non blinking Green light.

    1) Battery is fully charged.
    2) SIM card is New and working fine on my Nokia N8. No lock code or anything. even i have cancelled all the diverts if there are any. sending SMS and had good money balance.
    3) after i insert the battery immediately the Green LED starts. No blinking. No need to press On/Off button. Very long press of Button no difference. Whatever I do the Green light doesnt go off unless i take out the better y.

    4) no command and any sort of reply I have got yet. It is just dead with Green LED light.
    5) When i call that number I get usual message that “The Number you are calling is Switched Off”
    6) Tried pressing SIM card checked if there is any loose fitting. No luck
    7) Changed three working SIM cards. No luck. The Device is nothing but a Green non blinking LED.
    8) I keep it in open area. It goes off after some 10 minutes. Again doesnt start with Power button. Insert the battery again and again Green LED for 10 minutes.

    I am really fed up now wasted two whole days reading and youtube. No use.

    Please help if you have any idea on these symptoms. Or the final destination for this unit is a dustbin after one week.

  424. Hi, my unit is fine but only operates for about 7-8 hours and then turns off because the battery drops to below 10%. Is this normal and could I do something to improve battery life?

  425. Im looking into buying one of these units but i am wondering if it will accept a 3G sim card??

  426. Que tal, estoy buscando la manera de poder configurar mi TK-102, el seguimiento a través de GPRS, dado que yo tengo mi propio servidor con IP fija y puerto configurados para poder recibir los datos. Inclusive software para poder visualizarlo. El equipo TK-102 ya esta configurado, no tube problema al cargar los comandos, pero no recibo los datos a mi servidor. hay algun comando en especial que el manual no lo especifica o la posibilidad de ver como vienen los paquetes ? Espero pronta respuesta. Gracias por su ayuda

  427. Hi Imy unitw works but it wont work if i ring it ? anyone had the same?
    Done the begin and add number etc

  428. after 2 or 3 daysworking normaly , no reply, it goes to directly to voice mail.
    I have to turn it off and on again to resume .

  429. I top up my SIM card with money (prepaid card) and after a couple of calls to the tracker the SIM card is without money (empty).Although it responds with the coordinates it will cost me a fortune.What do i do wrong?

    • check that it not set to monitor, you need to set it to tracker otherwise the unit is transmitting sound all the time while you call it, just like a phone call.

  430. Hi,
    My device won’t initialize. I text the command “begin123456” but get no response. Its fully charged and has the correct SIM. How can I rectify the problem?

  431. hello i have the TK-102 it was working fine but now the green light stays on andwhen i call it or sms it i get no response.
    can anyone help.. cheers

  432. I thought I would leave my first comment. Why you ought to select Car Gps Tracker device P168? Car Gps Tracker are required by a lot of pertaining to tracking their own vehicle thus Diwei has produced available a good Car Gps Tracker P168.

  433. Good day.
    Please advise me vas. I have a tracker TK102 problem is that it still sends me SMS 3 times most of you know how to remove it?
    Thank you in advance.

  434. 😥 Hi, I have a TK-102B quad band, using a chip 850MHz. without chip it stays w/led on since I put battery. With chip, led blinks every 3s. I can’t turn it off, I don’t receive answer after begin or authorize or try to reset. calling device goes to answering machine. Chip works well on a cellphone, send SMS and doesn’t have pin. I’m outdoors, I’ve checked chip is firmly connected. Can somebody help me? Thanks.

    • Rafael
      I have more tracker in the car and when my system reports that the station is unavailable (such as when there is no SIM in the phone) so I have to give backing to the SIM card pressured to make better contact.

  435. My tracker worked great for 3 days until I charged the battery. When I put the battery back in the green light came on automatically and will not blink or turn off. It’s just a steady green light. Is this a gsm or gps signal issue? I drove all around town with it in my car yesterday and called it off and on and it either went straight to voicemail or it rang 2 times but never sent location by text. It also won’t respond to any SMS commands now. Thanks!!!

  436. olá, alguém tem o numero do telefone internacional do gps trace orange, quero me cadastrar,se alguém tiver um passo a passo, melhor ainda. obrigado.

  437. quando vou inicializar mando begin123456 ele sempre me responde NOT SMS MODE.
    O que tenho que fazer?

  438. fernando, O SEGUINTE reagiu Vanliga Clon possibilita estes firmware.

  439. olá amigos, gostaria saber, de como fazer a configuração remota pelo celu.para o site GPS- trace orange, alguém pode me dizer o telefone , e o passo a passo para configurar no trace orange?? muito obrigado…

  440. Ola, meu tk102 sempres retorna GSM 100% gps NO gprs off, já desliguei e liguei em varios pontos da cidade, mas ele sempre retorna gps NO, será que ele esta quebrado ? pois ele só retorna coordenadas por gsm que são de 100 a 500 mts longe do local correto, obrigado

  441. I have got my tracker working, but as soon as I put admin123456 and a 2nd cell no, it stopped sending me sms.
    Tried phoning it 10 times but did not work

  442. Bev Reset took me by SMS. And now behaves as the tracker?
    Now does not work? LED flashing?

  443. sorry I don’t understand what you are asking me.

  444. I don’t understand what you are asking me. Sorry

  445. Bev. It must be new firmware or buy a new tracker.

  446. When I text the tracker I get a response in Chinese.
    How do I get the tracker to respond in English?

  447. The Tracker software will not recognize the EMEI number ?? anyone know why ??

  448. Hi Herces ! so i have the same problem when i start to initialize my tracker device i send begin123456 and i got back: NOT SMS MODE! what can i do to solve this problem ?

  449. Paul. You should make reboot and probe again. But much is to have a 100% signal. (in the yard to do it and not in the house)

  450. Bonjour, j ai un TK102 depuis 3 ans deja je ne l ai jamais untilisé et c etait mon ex qui me l avait mis dans ma voiture pour me surveiller et maintenant il est a moi
    donc quand je tape begin123456 ca me repond you are not administrator ce qui est normal mais comment faire pour le reinitialiser ? Il y a t il un bouton reset dessus ?

    • Salut S-A,
      Il devait vraiment être con pour surveiller une fille avec un nom pareil ! Je m’appelle Saint-Pierre! Un petit pélérinage à deux ?

  451. I have a new one of these tk102 but the batteries drain in less than an hour… what can be wrong standby shud be 80 hours?

  452. I try to make my TK102 send me a link to Google Maps instead of sending me the manual gps coordinates. I have tried to send “smslink123456” to the unit, but nothing happens. No OK-receipt, no fail-recipt, nothing.

    When I send e.g. “t030s001n123456” I still receive the coordinates in text and has to put them manually into Google Maps.

    What is wrong?

    • you should get a sms with the co-ordinates, just press on the sms and it should go into google maps automatically showing the position of the tracker

  453. i cant get the tk-102 to give me the rite coordinates,
    it always shows lat and long in china.
    how do i change this?

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  456. I get the TK102. All is set, password also but when I send smstext+password I get “password err!”. I don’t understand knowing the password is set and ok for others functions.
    Thanks for help 🙂

  457. Dear Admin, I have a TK102. When no gps reception I get the last position and the LAC. knowing the LAC the MCC and MNC of my country how I will find the estimated position of the no gps area. Thanks

  458. luis palomino

    Hi, I need help, when I put the battery on the gps the green light is constant and no blink. What could be the problem?

    • I have tk 102-2.
      Hi folks my tk do not work the green light do not blink it´s allways fixed, sent a lot of messages to begin and didn´t got back message back. I need some help I´ve tryed a lot of times and nothing.

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  460. Hi, I need help, I have a TK102,when I send “begin123456” to the terminal, the terminal TK102 can’t reply, so I can’t set anything. But when I make a call to the terminal, the terminal send coordinate longitude and latitude.Please advice what should I do to set terminal.

  461. NEED HELP!!
    I am in Australia and I have 3 TK102 units. I have tried a multitude of SIM cards (with credit) Lycasim Amaysm, (both of which are supposed to be 2G, Optus, Vodaphone and Telstra.

    I get no response to SMS to the units from any provider, however when i call the units i receive the co-ordinates.

    How can i set up the other features when i’m not getting a response. I have tried reset+pw, begin+pw many many times. (pw=123456, yes without the +)

    how can this be fixed so i can receive the OK back?

    All 3 units are identical.
    Also how do i find out which version they are for the mobile apps?

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  463. Someting is wrong with my tracker it wont resond anymore, if i call it, or if i send any txt first it was sending the gsm report of the location with the link. But the link doesn’t work i open it and there is an error page shown. When i google that site doesn’t egsist! Tracker is blinking now but it is not responding, it doesnt even send anything if i click on the sos button. Is there a way to factory reset the tracker ?



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  467. My TK102 was working on a first test some weeks ago.
    Now trying to work with it again the blue LED isn’t
    going to flash mode. As soon as I left the button
    it goes off.

    I couldn’t find any info what would be the next step
    to analyse. Is it SIM related, antenna, contacts or
    what else?

    Thanks for any hint

  468. Hi, my tracker doesn’t work: it send always N0.000000,E0.000000 -Speed 000.0 km/h – time 08:00 – Date 00/00/00.
    Is it defective? Is it possible to change the date?

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  472. Help,Every time I call my TK 102B it gives me the same latitide and longitude.I have moved around lots.

    It seem to be stuck.What is the fix for this?

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