M6 Android Media Player Firmware Update Guide

M6 Smart TV Android Player is a Android OS Based media player.

Most software corruption and system error can be fixed by firmware update.

For Android 2.3 User.
Please download the following two files, and copy them to a usb memory stick or a SD Card.
1. m6-111210.zip (81.8MB, 2011/12/10 Firmware update , keep it in zip format , DO NOT unzip it).
2. uImage_recovery (4.06MB, Recovery file , NO filename extension here, some broswer will convert the file into uImage_recovery.txt rename it back to uImage_recovery)

If you still can access the Android OS, go to “app -> Upgrade” and following the instruction you can easily update the firmware.

If you can’t access the Android OS , you’ll need to use “Hard Reset” to update/restore the firmware.
The hard reset button is hide inside the A/V Jack, you’ll need to use a long pin to push the button.

To activate the hard reset, follow these steps.
1. Insert the SD Card include the update files (m6-111210.zip and uImage_recovery)
(Again, please make sure there is NO filename extension of uImage_recovery)
2.Power off your M6.
3. Use a pin to hold on the hard reset button
4. Plug in the power (Power Up)
Then your android will boot up into the debug mode. In this mode,  choose “apple update” to update the firmware via a USB memory stick or SD card. (In this mode you can use a USB mouse to operate).

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  1. Can’t find the “Hard Reset” button inside the A/V Jack. On my box it’s indicated L/R instead of A/V above the hole of the jack. ❓

  2. It’s the same,in some earlier version it’s L/R, but the hard reset button should still inside the L/R jack, use a toothpick and have a try on both YrPrb and L/R jack.

  3. Do you have version where i can set widgets on desktop?

  4. Firmware didnt work? Followed instructions exactly. When unit restarts a blue android appears then screen goes black with a “splice” of garbled light across top of screen- reboots over and over from there????

    Please help

    • I just verified the firmware on my M6, the firmware works fine. Did you installed any 3rd party firmware before? Because the stock android firmware’s logo is green not blue.

  5. Dear Admin :
    I just got the M6 but it’s running android 2.2
    The Thing was in turkish and i reset it back to English all good.
    Now i want to connect to market and it keeps saying no connection while it’s on the net..
    So i want to reinstall the firmware..

    The 2.3 tutorial did not work for me ..i could boot but it said cannot mount cannon update, so i asume the firmware is not for that perticulair model

    Please admin could you sent me the link to the original 2.2 firmware so i can fix my device..it’s kinda useless without market.

    Hope to hear from you, i will promote this site on my youtube and make a tutorial how to fix a bricked Smart tv box

    Much regards


    I have suffered with this player a month. I flew firmware and no where could not find the. I found something that did not fit (not loaded). dealer from whom I bought the device said that I was to blame for its breakdown and refused to help me. your firmware is loaded on the first try and it works. and were as follows:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gf0gfqWAgwA

  7. Hi, I found the internal storage of the player become 0.00B now, and all installed apps are missing now.
    So I can’t install any apps now due to 0 internal storage.
    May I know what’s wrong with the player?

  8. try to upgrade the firmware to see if it fix the problem.

  9. Media player m6 - Android Forums - pingback on March 19, 2012 at 7:24 am
  10. Hi, this is not for M6 with skyvia SV8860 chipset?
    Or can I try to update M6 SV8860 media player as well?
    This product:
    Thanks in advance.

  11. Hello can someone help me I just upgrade my brick android smart box, I can not find the firmware! I do not know the model but following photos! I am grateful if someone help! I’m from Brazil. my email is thiagofelix7@gmail.com

  12. Hi i just want to install some apps from the market for my m6 and some apps when i click on to install it says (the request item could no be found)i dont undestand can i fix this problem? Thank u!!!!

  13. hi to everyone
    i have android media player 4.0.4
    it cant play movies says it need flash 9.0
    it cant make upgrade
    can you help me
    thank you

  14. My usb mouse not working in debug mode. what advice can you give?

  15. I think the admin of this site is truly working hard in support of his site, because here every data is quality based information.

  16. I have a Android box which I can’t find a restore to factory firmware for the only info on the box are the following

    Bottom of box: IPTV 18 Smart TV Box Revision 2.2

    Does anyone what kind of box this is?


  17. Android Smart Tv Box Firmware Update – Android Parah - pingback on April 29, 2016 at 6:42 pm
  18. Hello where can I get a remote for this box and what type of remote is it thanks?

  19. It’s an android 4.2 jelly bean o’s I have tried 3 remotes and none work thanks

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